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4Bananas Podcast

A podcast for everyday Asian Australians hosted by 4 Bananas (Andrew, Dom, Geoff and you! Our listeners). The 4Bananas podcast was started to share our perspectives and knowledge on what it’s like to be asian within a western country. Join us on our journey in discovering all types of mouthwatering Asian food, celebrations you might not know about, movies, games and meaningful conversations which make you ponder life. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook via @4bananaspodcast to learn more about us. For advertising opportunities please email fourbananaspodcast@gmail.com


S3E05 - Growing Up Vietnamese Australian
Show Details40min 9s
S3E04 - Exploring Korean Culture with Peter
Show Details36min 45s
S3E03 - Hopeless Dating Advice - Why we're still single
Show Details32min 14s
S3E02 - Handling finance in your mid 20's
Show Details39min 17s
S3E01 - Asian Mythbusters
Show Details29min 12s
S2E10 - How to make a podcast
Show Details40min 9s
S2E9 - Being in lockdown
Show Details40min 57s
S2E8 - Is the term Banana insulting?
Show Details24min 21s
S2E7 - Overseas Travel
Show Details47min 33s
S2E6 - Growing Up with Media
Show Details49min 23s
S2E5 - Subtle Asian Parent Traits - Part 2/2
Show Details59min 11s
S2E4 - Subtle Asian Parent Traits - Part 1/2
Show Details46min 1s
S2E3 - Get to know the Bananas - Artistic Banana
Show Details26min 31s
S2E2 - Get to know the Bananas - The Real Banana
Show Details24min 1s
S2E1- Get to know the Bananas - Brainy Banana
Show Details28min 57s
S1E10 - S-E-X. The forbidden three letter word.
Show Details42min 41s
S1E9 - Growing Up With Technology
Show Details47min 22s
S1E8 - Asian Habits
Show Details24min 38s
S1E7 - Language Barriers
Show Details28min 55s
S1E6 - Moving From Home
Show Details25min 22s
S1E5 - A for Asian, B for Banana
Show Details22min 3s
S1E4 - Aiya YeEt HaY Ah!
Show Details12min 2s
S1E3 - Valentines day: Lonesome and Wholesome
Show Details38min 43s
S1E2 - Mum, Where's My Red Packet?
Show Details22min 37s
S1E1 - Introduction to the 4 Bananas
Show Details15min 29s