Twice on Sunday: Healthcare, AntiTrust, Movie Awards Season, Lab Leak Theory, Science, and more

1h 42m | Mar 5, 2023

On this Twice on Sunday:

Ashley Baker of Alliance on Antitrust and Committee for Justice on what is - and isn't - proper antitrust regulation and legislation when it comes to big companies, Big Tech, and the increasing calls for bigger government to do something about it.

Film critic Luis Mendez of the Mendez Movie Report returns to break down what the SAG Awards means for the Oscar races, reviewing Ant-man and the Wasp and if there is a Marvel fatigue problem, movie business news, and more.

Elise Amez-Droz of Young Voices on why healthcare policy is so complex and full of conflict, the good and the bad of government run healthcare worldwide, history of how modern healthcare evolved, and better ways to discuss this most contentious of life-or-death issues.

Our scientist friend Dr. Michael Siegel returns to talk the return of the Covid-19 origin debate, "lab leak" theory, and how to get to the science and important information beyond the headlines and caterwauling on stories like East Palestine and when environmental disasters occur. 


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