Gateway to the Smokies

The Podcast That Starts Your Smoky Mountain Adventure

Gateway to the Smokies is a podcast dedicated to memorable experiences in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Western North Carolina, and East Tennessee. This is not a travel tip show, though you will undoubtedly learn some good tips, it instead features personalities, experts, and locals who will expound upon the richness of culture, food, history, and adventure that awaits people who want to explore deeply this ancient mountain habitat where communities have existed for 3000 years.


The podcast is hosted by Joseph Franklyn McElroy, who was born and raised in Haywood County, NC, the original “Gateway to the Smokies”, and whose family immigrated to the Smoky Mountains in the early 1800s. Each episode will feature a folktale or myth that sets the stage for the rest of the podcast, followed by guests who will enrich the listener with insights, experiences, and adventures gained from their life in and studies of the Smokies. At the end, Joseph will tie in annual events, places, experiences and adventures that relate to the overall theme of that episode. 

The themes and travel experiences expressed on the podcast are explored further on Joseph’s blog Smokies Adventure and his Smoky Mountains destination hub on Where Traveler Magazine. For authentic Smoky Mountain experiences, visit Joseph's classic roadside motel - the Meadowlark Motel - Your Smoky Mountain Adventure Starts with Where You Stay.


From Breaking Stories to Breaking Trails with Vesna Plakanis
Show Details49min 20s
Finding a New Home in the Smokies Through Stories and Songs
Show Details50min 11s
Stories of Nature
Show Details50min 21s
Cataloochee Valley in the Smokies
Show Details49min 53s
Creating a New Life and Food Adventures in the Smokies
Show Details50min 9s
Music on the Fly (fishing) in the Smokies with Charles Humphrey III
Show Details49min 12s
Wildcrafting in the Smokies
Show Details49min 13s
Botanical Excursions in the Smokies
Show Details49min 35s
Historic Tales of Western North Carolina
Show Details50min 4s
Photographing the Smokies
Show Details47min 35s
From Caney Fork to the Ryman — A Visit with Darren Nicholson
Show Details49min 38s
Generations of Ginseng in the Smoky Mountains
Show Details49min 15s
History Museums and Historic Houses in Haywood County NC
Show Details50min 2s
Cycling through the Great Smokies Past, and actually Cycling in the Great Smokies.
Show Details48min 53s
Food in the Smokies
Show Details49min 29s
The Sounds of Nature’s Edge
Show Details50min 13s
Blue Ridge Craft Trails with Leslie Hartley
Show Details49min 24s
Bringing Smoky Mountain History to Life in Books and Film
Show Details49min 20s
Forging A Future While Honoring The Past In The Smoky Mountains
Show Details49min 7s
Perpetuating the Legacy of Horace Kephart
Show Details49min 7s
Butch McDade & the Smoky Mountain Field School
Show Details48min 38s
Ecotourism & Safe Passage for Large Wildlife in the Smokies
Show Details47min 59s
Maggie Valley in the Smokies
Show Details48min 48s
Food, Fireflies, and Flowers in the Smoky Mountains
Show Details47min 26s
Pottery in the Smokies
Show Details50min 8s
Seeds and Song
Show Details47min 35s
Museums In The Smoky Mountain Area
Show Details49min 1s
Hiking in the Smokies
Show Details48min 50s
White Water Rafting in the Smokies
Show Details50min 14s
The History of Plott Hounds in the Smokies
Show Details48min 30s
Getting Into The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Show Details46min 11s
Road Life in the Smokies
Show Details49min 41s
Bluegrass in the Smoky Mountains
Show Details48min 25s
Whisky & Moonshine In The Mountains
Show Details48min 51s
Scots-Irish Influence on Mountain Music
Show Details49min 2s