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The Nomads of Fantasy

A weekly podcast discussion on film and video games traversing all genres and mediums. Listen in as colleagues turned friends catch up on what they've been watching or playing and then breakdown their weekly topic. Described by some as “An artistically insightful yet tastefully crude look at media”, the nomads often discuss the details of what really makes the topic great. Anything and everything from sci-fi thrillers to anime, arthouse films to indie gaming, there is no universe that they call home. Safe travels nomads…


Episode 53: Will Gladiator echo in cinematic eternity?
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 52: Solving the Mystery of Clue
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 51: Video Game Indie Showcase
Show Details2hr 11min
Eric's Anime Corner: Haikyu!!
Show Details17min 3s
Episode 50: It's time to revisit Bioshock
Show Details1hr 42min
Episode 49: Let's get crazy with 12 Monkeys
Show Details1hr 52min
Episode 48: How does Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith hold up?
Show Details1hr 53min
Episode 47: What’s the verdict on Dredd?
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 46: Does The Shining and Doctor Sleep actually work?
Show Details1hr 52min
Episode 45: What makes a great villain?
Show Details2hr 19min
Episode 44: Did Ex Machina pass the test?
Show Details1hr 47min
Episode 43: Is Unforgiven the best western film ever made?
Show Details1hr 53min
Eric's Anime Corner: Pokémon
Show Details14min 40s
Episode 42: Is The Legend of Vox Machina a critical hit or miss?
Show Details1hr 35min
Episode 41: Is Last Action Hero movie magic or a bad act?
Show Details1hr 37min
Episode 40: We've got a Parasite, the good kind
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 39: The beautiful mystery of Firewatch
Show Details1hr 41min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 7 Quick Review
Show Details43min 49s
Eric's Anime Corner: My Hero Academia
Show Details34min 9s
Episode 38: Should the Blade Runner movies be renowned or retired?
Show Details1hr 34min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 6 Quick Review
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 37: Are exclusives a good thing?
Show Details1hr 58min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 5 Quick Review
Show Details30min 40s
Episode 36: Portal is Still Alive
Show Details1hr 28min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 4 Quick Review
Show Details28min 4s
Episode 35: Is The Prestige Nolan's Greatest Magic Trick?
Show Details1hr 49min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 3 Quick Review
Show Details31min 16s
Episode 34: Interstellar, a Gargantua of a Space Epic
Show Details2hr 34min
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 2 Quick Review
Show Details29min 27s
Eric's Anime Corner: Dragon Ball
Show Details19min 5s
The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 1 Quick Review
Show Details30min 21s
Episode 33: What makes Home Alone a Holiday Classic?
Show Details2hr 7min
Episode 32: Do we really want to know what The Matrix is?
Show Details1hr 50min
Episode 31: Skyrim, 10 Years Later
Show Details2hr 14min
Episode 30: Memento is Unforgettable
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 29: Whiplash is just our tempo
Show Details2hr 5min
Episode 28: Falling in love with The Nightmare Before Christmas all over again
Show Details1hr 56min
Episode 27: Are you ready to visit Alice in Borderland Season 1?
Show Details2hr 11min
Episode 26: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is beautifully scary
Show Details1hr 55min
Episode 25: Our Favorite Superhero Movies Feat. The Best of the Rest
Show Details2hr 23min
Episode 24: Is The Lighthouse a shining light of cinema or a dimly lit mess?
Show Details1hr 56min
Episode 23: Is Interview with the Vampire the best vampire drama?
Show Details1hr 55min
Episode 22: Star Wars meets Anime: A Visions Review
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 21: The thing about The Thing
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 20: Castlevania Season 1 & 2
Show Details1hr 50min
Episode 19: Is it possible to make a good video game movie?
Show Details2hr 3min
Episode 18: Is Jurassic Park a perfect movie?
Show Details1hr 49min
Episode 17: Heat is basically GTA 5 The Movie
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 16: Hades is a hell of a game
Show Details1hr 37min
Episode 15: Akira: Not your average anime
Show Details1hr 57min
Episode 14: Is Game Pass the future or end of gaming?
Show Details1hr 41min
Episode 13: What makes a good movie sequel?
Show Details1hr 47min
Episode 12: Is Die Hard still good in 2021?
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 11: Loki Season 1
Show Details1hr 47min
Episode 10: Top 15 Favorite Indie Video Games
Show Details2hr 10min
Episode 9: Invincible Season 1
Show Details2hr 1min
Episode 8: Cuckoo for Coop!
Show Details2hr 1min
Episode 7: Video Game Tropes
Show Details1hr 42min
Episode 6: Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood
Show Details1hr 50min
Episode 5: Memorable Oh Shit! Moments in Video Games
Show Details2hr
Episode 4: My Hero Academia Season 1
Show Details1hr 23min
Fireside Chat: Shorter Games You Should Play
Show Details13min 26s
Episode 3: E3 is all about E3
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 2: Star Wars
Show Details1hr 37min
Episode 1: An Introduction
Show Details1hr 25min