• Joe Frankie: Great Leaders Listen

    In this episode of the "Soft As Steel" podcast, host Dennis Doran welcomes Joe Frankie, President and Founder of JV3 Associates. Joe, a West Point graduate and combat veteran, shares his extensive experience in executive coaching and talent development. He discusses the importance of soft skills, emphasizing active listening and taking care of people. Joe reflects on his military and private sector careers, highlighting leadership qualities like visibility and resource provision. He also underscores the significance of consensus-building and authenticity in communication, providing valuable insights into effective leadership and mentorship.

    38m - Jul 16, 2024
  • Mark Bridgers: Win Win - Trust, Communication, and Fearlessness

    In this episode of the "Soft As Steel" podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Mark Bridges, a seasoned consultant in the construction industry. They discuss the critical role of soft skills, such as trust and communication, in achieving success alongside technical expertise. Mark emphasizes the importance of collaborative relationships and effective communication in building trust and achieving win-win results. They also explore the impact of artificial intelligence and technology on workforce productivity and diversity, highlighting opportunities for innovation and the need for equity and social justice in the industry.

    39m - Jul 9, 2024
  • Irish Horsey: The Root is Love

    Dennis Doran speaks with Irish Horsey from Procore Technologies. They discuss Horsey's unique perspective as a woman of color in the construction industry, her dedication to diversity and inclusion, and the challenges of increasing female representation in construction. The conversation covers the importance of soft skills, Procore's philanthropic efforts, and the role of love and spirituality in professional settings. They advocate for a people-first approach and changing the industry's narrative to attract diverse talent.

    31m - Jul 2, 2024
  • Jennifer Wilkerson: Remember the 51%

    In this episode of the "Soft As Steel" podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Jennifer Wilkerson, Vice President of Innovation and Advancement at NCCER. They discuss the importance of increasing women's representation in construction, highlighting the need for intentional recruitment and retention efforts. Jennifer shares insights on the industry's progress, challenges, and the role of organizations like Turner Construction in advocating for women. They also emphasize mentorship, sponsorship, and psychological safety in the workplace, advocating for a supportive environment that values both technical and soft skills. The episode concludes with plans for Jennifer to return for a follow-up discussion.

    35m - Jun 25, 2024
  • Jevon Wooden: Challenging Familiarity

    In this episode of the "Soft as Steel" podcast, host Dennis Doran welcomes guest Jevon Wooden, a speaker, facilitator, and coach specializing in empathetic leadership. They discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and soft skills in the workplace. Javon emphasizes the need for leaders to understand interpersonal dynamics and the challenges of transitioning from technical roles to managerial positions. They also explore the benefits and limitations of AI in understanding human behavior. The conversation highlights the significance of empathy, diversity, and the irreplaceable human element in fostering thriving and sustainable organizations. Dennis concludes by expressing his admiration for Javon's insights.

    32m - Jun 18, 2024
  • Leandris Weeden: Putting the “LEAN” in “Leandris”

    In this episode of the "Soft As Steel" podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Leandris Weeden, a seasoned professional with over 18 years in the construction industry. They delve into lean construction principles, emphasizing productivity, respect for people, and diversity. Leandris shares his journey into lean construction, beginning in 2014, and discusses his role in mentoring operations personnel at Layton Construction. The conversation highlights the importance of creating inclusive and supportive work environments, equitable opportunities, and effective leadership characterized by authenticity and integrity. The episode offers valuable insights into improving construction processes and fostering a respectful, diverse industry culture.

    32m - Jun 11, 2024
  • Alejandra Mielke: Turn Off the Cultural Cruise Control

    Dennis Doran speaks with Alejandra Mielke, an expert in leadership development and cross-cultural relations. They explore the significance of soft skills, empathy, and understanding cultural differences in effective leadership. Emphasizing the need for self-awareness, they discuss how leaders can manage their biases and connect with diverse teams. Mielke underscores the importance of inclusivity and cultural competency, particularly in industries like construction. They address the concept of 'cultural cruise control' and the benefits of embracing diversity for organizational success. The conversation highlights the transformative power of compassionate and inclusive leadership.

    35m - Jun 4, 2024
  • Janine Trinidad: Developing the “Whole Person”

    Dennis Doran speaks with Janine Trinidad, a senior trainer at Procore Technologies with a rich background in construction education. Trinidad shares her unconventional path into the construction industry, her personal struggle with burnout, and how she became a transformational coach. They discuss the importance of soft skills, rhetoric, and personal development in construction. Trinidad also details her role at Procore, focusing on training programs that foster a common language and empathy within the industry. The conversation touches on the challenges women face in construction, the need for greater inclusion, and the value of continuous learning and personal growth.

    36m - May 28, 2024
  • Michael Fortinberry: Empower Your Team to Care

    Dennis Doran speaks with Michael Fortinberry, CEO of Protiv, about their productivity program designed to revolutionize project-based incentives and hourly wages. Fortinberry explains how Protiv incentivizes quality, safety, and teamwork, leading to increased profits and worker earnings. He clarifies that the program promotes collective performance over individual speed, fostering a culture of accountability and engagement. They discuss Protiv's compatibility with various labor environments and its potential to address labor shortages by boosting productivity by 10%. The episode emphasizes the importance of transparency and worker involvement in budgeting to enhance productivity and concludes with Protiv's future plans to expand its offerings.

    32m - May 21, 2024
  • Erin O'Brien-Hofmann: I’ve Got a Guy. She’s a Girl

    Dennis Doran interviews Erin O'Brien-Hofmann, the Director of Training and Education for District Council 21 of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. The conversation delves into Erin's advocacy for women in the construction industry, highlighting her efforts to increase female participation in the trades through initiatives like the Philadelphia Women's Committee and the WINK (Women in Non-Traditional Careers) program. They discuss the challenges women face, such as stereotypes and discrimination, and the importance of male allies in changing the industry narrative. Erin emphasizes the need for equal treatment and opportunities for women to prove their capabilities on construction sites.

    32m - May 14, 2024
  • David Bradley: Being "IN-Integrity"

    Dennis Doran speaks with David Bradley, a global architect and certified professional coach. Bradley discusses the critical role of soft skills in the architecture industry and his mission to help professionals live intentionally and purposefully. He highlights how integrity, empathy, effective communication, and respect are essential for building relationships and resolving conflicts. Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Bradley and Doran explore the nuances of coaching, the importance of dreaming big, and the careful use of assessments in personal development.

    34m - May 7, 2024
  • Leaders conversation about Women in the Construction Industry: HOW to make progress

    In this episode of Soft As Steel, guest host Madison Hull leads a panel discussion on the experiences of women in construction. Panelists Cynthia Grant, Aaron O'Brien Hoffman, Robert Williams, and Doreen Bartoldus share insights on overcoming unconscious biases and creating inclusive workplaces. They highlight the importance of mentorship, flexible policies for parents, and educational programs to empower women. The conversation underscores the need for industry change to support and increase women's representation in construction roles.

    44m - Apr 30, 2024
  • Barb Allen inspires audience at the IUPAT Finishing Industries Forum 2024

    In this special episode of 'Soft As Steel,' guest host Madison Hull fills in for Dennis Doran to discuss women in the construction industry. Industry thought leader Barb Allen presents, sharing her experiences and the challenges women face in this male-dominated field. She introduces the "one ladder framework," detailing barriers like missing and slippery rungs that represent biases and obstacles. Barb stresses the importance of increasing women's representation and calls for collective action to create a fair and safe working environment. The episode concludes with appreciation for Barb's insights and a preview of an upcoming panel on empowering women in construction.

    22m - Apr 23, 2024
  • Dan Wies: Let people know you care about them

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Dan Wies, President of Wies Offsite. They explore the human side of the construction industry, discussing the importance of leadership, values, and building a culture of care. Dan emphasizes collaboration, servant leadership, and the significance of relationships in business. They address the challenges of an evolving industry, such as the integration of technology and the generational shift in the workforce. The episode concludes with a focus on the role of love and character in fostering a successful and sustainable construction business.

    30m - Apr 16, 2024
  • Coty Fournier: Love, Reverence, and Well-Roundedness

    Dennis Doran interviews Coty Fournier, a seasoned commercial construction executive and entrepreneur. Fournier shares her 25-year career trajectory, starting from Turner Construction to co-founding Jobsite123.com, and discusses the importance of a well-rounded career path. She highlights her early experiences, the challenges of starting a tech venture in construction, and the value of soft skills. The conversation sheds light on Fournier's achievements, her entrepreneurial spirit, and the significance of empathy and respect in leadership within the construction industry.

    43m - Apr 9, 2024
  • Henry Nutt: Speak Your Mind With Respect

    In this episode of Soft as Steel, host Dennis Doran welcomes Henry Nutt, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming discrimination and challenges in the construction industry. As a proponent for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Henry has become a thought leader and has authored a book to guide others to success. The discussion focuses on the value of soft skills, the power of following one's passion, and the need to break down stereotypes in construction. They explore strategies for attracting diverse talent and emphasize the importance of an inclusive work environment to ensure equal opportunities for all.

    35m - Apr 2, 2024
  • Dan Fauchier: Don’t Waste; Learn to Communicate

    In this episode, host Dennis Doran talks with Dan Fauchier, a seasoned construction and design professional. Dan discusses his journey from frustration with wasteful processes to embracing lean construction and design principles. He shares how adopting lean techniques improved his work-life balance and led him to coach others. The conversation covers the significance of soft skills, peer-to-peer learning through local lean communities, and the role of integrated project delivery in enhancing collaboration. They conclude by addressing the challenges in adopting lean practices industry-wide and the need for a paradigm shift to recognize the value of lean and reduce waste.

    37m - Mar 26, 2024
  • Jan Tuchman: Exploring trends that are rocking construction

    Dennis Doran hosts Jan Tuchman, a seasoned journalist and leader in the construction industry. They explore the industry's evolution, focusing on the integration of artificial intelligence and the ethical considerations it brings. They discuss the economy's unexpected growth in 2023, the role of Engineering News Record in tracking construction costs, and the importance of social justice and compassionate leadership. The conversation also covers the underrepresentation of women in construction, the efforts to increase diversity and inclusion, and the Equity and Infrastructure Project's aim to support historically underutilized businesses. Additionally, they touch on lean construction, resistance to change, and the significance of love and passion in business, concluding with the vital role of soft skills in the workplace.

    40m - Mar 19, 2024
  • Jackie Bailey: The Blueprint to Effective Communication

    This week, Dennis Doran engages with Jackie Bailey, who has dedicated her life to empowering others to find their voice. Having overcome her own childhood abuse, Jackie established a nonprofit to teach public speaking and leadership skills. They delve into the significance of communication, active listening, and the transformative power of words in building confidence and leadership. Jackie's Speak Feed Lead project is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of speaking with intention, feeding others with positive words, and leading through influence. Her work has impacted hundreds, fostering a ripple effect of positive change across communities.

    34m - Mar 12, 2024
  • Stephanie Paul: Are You Coachable?

    Host Dennis Doran and guest Stephanie Paul discuss the critical role of soft skills and compassionate leadership in professional development. They explore the DISC assessment tool's utility in understanding personal behaviors and enhancing communication. Stephanie emphasizes the importance of humor in blending behavioral styles and the need for individuals to be open to coaching. The conversation also covers the impact of family dynamics on workplace behavior and the broader implications of personal values in leadership. The episode underscores the value of self-awareness and continuous growth for effective leadership and communication.

    37m - Mar 5, 2024
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