• Ryan Malbach and Ethan Uhl: Barton Mallow: 99 Years of Legacy, Part II

    In this episode, Dennis Doran engages in a conversation with Ryan Maibach and Ethan Uhl from Barton Mallow. They discuss the challenges of staffing mega-projects like Ford and the need for human capital in the construction industry. They also touch on the cyclical nature of the industry and the importance of sustainability and diversity in the workforce. The conversation further delves into the progress being made in the industry, the integration of love and relationships in the workplace, the impact of technology, and the significance of soft skills in leadership. Overall, they highlight the ongoing efforts to improve the industry and address its various challenges.

    32m | Oct 3, 2023
  • Ryan Maibach and Ethan Uhl: Barton Mallow: 99 Years of Legacy, Part I

    Dennis Doran interviews Ryan Maibach, President and CEO of Barton Malow, and Ethan Uhl, General Superintendent at Barton Malow. They discuss the values and soft skills embraced by Barton Malow and their impact on the construction industry. Ryan and Ethan share their personal experiences and the company's approach to developing their workforce and fostering growth. They also emphasize the importance of faith, living in the present moment, and building positive relationships with clients and employees. The episode concludes with Dennis encouraging listeners to check out his book, "Soft as Steel," and share the podcast with others.

    31m | Sep 26, 2023
  • Eric Miller: Unsung Heroes Find the Common Ground

    Dennis Doran welcomes guest Eric Miller, the founder of EMC (Eric Miller Consultants). They discuss the importance of soft skills, emotional intelligence, and building connections in both personal and professional relationships. Eric shares his insights on transformational leadership, the power of love and inclusivity, and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. They also touch on topics such as mental wellness, addiction, and the importance of diversity. The conversation concludes with Dennis promoting Eric's website and book, as well as his own book, Soft as Steel.

    35m | Sep 19, 2023
  • Brent Wilcox: Leading the Industry into the Future

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran introduces his guest, Brent Wilcox, a director at OAC Services, a design and construction management firm. Brent shares his passion for his work and helping clients bring their visions to life. They discuss the changing landscape of the construction industry and the importance of soft skills in driving effective change. They also touch on the implementation of extreme leadership principles at OAC and the importance of culture in the workplace. Brent reflects on the changing criteria and scoring for vendors and suppliers in the industry, emphasizing the shift towards prioritizing soft skills and diversity. Dennis praises Brent's generation for transforming the industry to be more responsible and ethical. Overall, the episode highlights the importance of soft skills, relationships, and a culture of love and business in the construction industry.

    36m | Sep 12, 2023
  • Deb Coviello: A Few Pages From the CEO’s Playbook

    Dennis welcomes Deb Coviello this week. They discuss the construction industry and the importance of soft skills in the workplace. Deborah shares her insights and experiences from her involvement in the industry through her husband and daughter's boyfriend. They emphasize the need for compassionate leadership, effective communication, and understanding in the construction field. The conversation also touches on challenges and opportunities in working with different generations and the underrepresentation of women in the industry. Deborah advocates for treating women as equals and creating a safe environment for them to thrive. The episode concludes with praise for Deborah's expertise and communication skills, leaving listeners wanting more.

    34m | Sep 5, 2023
  • Roberta Ndlela: Don’t Hide You

    In this podcast episode, the host, Dennis Duran, introduces his guest, Roberta Ndlela, and they discuss the importance of soft skills and effective communication in the workplace. Roberta shares her career journey and emphasizes the need for engineers to develop their soft skills, as they are often promoted based on technical abilities but struggle with communication and management skills. They also discuss the challenges faced by engineers in South Africa during the transition from apartheid. The conversation then shifts to the topics of diversity and inclusion, self-awareness, and the significance of speaking up and being authentic in professional settings.

    36m | Aug 29, 2023
  • Maurice Thibodeau: Everyone Has Problems

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran welcomes Maurice Thibodeau as his guest. They discuss the importance of soft skills, such as love, social justice, inclusion, and compassionate leadership, in both personal and professional lives. Maurice, with a background in the construction industry, explains that these topics transcend industry boundaries and are crucial for the industry's evolution. They also address the alarming rate of suicide in the construction industry and the need for emotional growth and tough conversations. Maurice shares his role as the Chief Illumination Officer at Illumination Experiences, offering coaching and therapy to help individuals break through emotional barriers.

    33m | Aug 22, 2023
  • Chris Bagatelos: Make Your Co-Worker Better

    This week, host Dennis Doran interviews Chris Bagatelos, the founder and CEO of Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems. They discuss the importance of people in business and creating a culture of respect and character. Chris emphasizes the value of treating people with respect and making each other better. They also talk about the challenges and opportunities in the glazing trade, leadership within Bagatelos' organization, and the impact of generational transitions and migrations on the business. They highlight the significance of inclusion, love, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence in creating a successful business culture. Listeners are encouraged to check out Dennis Doran's book, "Soft as Steel," and subscribe to the Soft as Steel podcast for more insightful conversations.

    34m | Aug 15, 2023
  • Jeff Perry: Connection Unlocks Potential

    Dennis Doran has as his guest Jeff Perry, the host of the Engineering Career Coach podcast. They discuss the importance of employee connection in the workplace and its impact on individual well-being and organizational success. They highlight the health risks and economic costs associated with loneliness and lack of connection. Leadership is emphasized as crucial in fostering a culture of connection, with leaders needing to lead by example and prioritize the well-being of their team members. The importance of connection at all levels of the organization is emphasized, along with the significance of self-awareness, soft skills, curiosity, inclusion, and diversity in leadership. The episode concludes with the suggestion for leaders to ask questions to gain awareness of themselves and their team members.

    36m | Aug 8, 2023
  • Wayne Crew: The Most Crucial Qualities of Successful Construction Industry Leaders

    In this podcast episode, host Dennis Doran interviews Wayne Crew, a veteran in the engineering and construction industry. They discuss the qualities that make leaders in the industry stand out, such as integrity, ethics, and commitment to excellence. Wayne also addresses the challenges facing the construction industry, including the shortage of skilled workers and the need for mental wellness initiatives. They highlight the role of leaders in addressing these challenges, with examples of industry pioneers prioritizing mental wellness. Wayne emphasizes the importance of scope definition in construction projects and the potential for technology to improve this process. The episode concludes with gratitude and promotion of Dennis Duran's book on activating soft skills in the workplace.

    31m | Aug 1, 2023
  • Bruce Orr: How can love, inclusion, and social justice transform leadership in the workplace?

    Dennis Doran welcomes guest Bruce Orr, founder and chief data scientist at Pronovos Construction Analytics. Despite Bruce's expertise in construction analytics, Dennis explains that his work is crucial in the industry and aligns with the podcast's focus on love, inclusion, social justice, and compassionate leadership. They discuss Bruce's perspective on these topics, emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bruce also shares insights on decision-making, the use of data in understanding the bigger picture, and the need for empathy and open-mindedness in social justice issues. They conclude by discussing emotional intelligence and the importance of mental and emotional well-being in leadership.

    39m | Jul 25, 2023
  • Nitin Govila: Heart Led Leadership in Construction

    Dennis Doran interviews Nitin Govila, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Search Ferrari Group. They discuss the importance of soft skills in leadership and how they impact the construction industry. They emphasize the need for compassion, empathy, and mindfulness in leadership to create nurturing environments that foster innovation. They also explore the role of culture, diversity, and inclusion in the construction industry. The conversation shifts to the role of love and self-awareness in finding inner peace and clarity, with a focus on the practice of meditation. Speaker 3 shares personal experiences and encourages others to start their own meditation practice.

    33m | Jul 18, 2023
  • Pierre Quinn: Be the Person You Needed

    In this episode, host Dennis Doran introduces his guest Pierre Quinn, a renowned leader and speaker. They discuss the importance of relationships in happiness and success, highlighting the impact of strong connections on overall well-being. They also emphasize the power of love and positive energy in serving others and building long-term relationships. The conversation touches on the complexities of change, inclusion, and social justice. Pierre challenges age as a barrier to learning new skills and shares an exercise he conducted with executive leaders. The episode concludes with a message of self-awareness and self-leadership for making a positive impact.

    38m | Jul 11, 2023
  • Teresa Magnus: The Most Overlooked Aspect of the Construction Industry: Valuing People

    Do you work in the construction industry? Do you feel like you're just a number, a commodity to be used up and replaced? In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Duran and guest Teresa Magnus discuss the importance of valuing individuals in the construction industry and attracting and retaining talent. Magnus, an accountant and lawyer with over 23 years of experience in the industry, notes that historically, the industry has treated individuals like commodities, overlooking their importance. She suggests that the industry needs to evaluate its empirical data and move away from long work hours and 6-7 day workweeks, which decrease productivity and are unattractive to potential talent. The conversation also touches on the significance of soft skills in the workplace and the need to prioritize them. Listen in to learn more about how the construction industry can create a psychologically safe workplace and prioritize the well-being of its employees.

    37m | Jun 27, 2023
  • Deb Martinez: How Can Love and Compassionate Leadership Help Homeless and Low-Income Communities?

    What is the role of love in leadership? In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Deb Martinez, CEO of the Mission of Love Charities, about her experiences in nonprofit organizations and her current work serving homeless and low-income families and individuals in the community. Martinez emphasizes the importance of providing hope to those in need and shares her thoughts on the meaning of love and its role in her work. The conversation also touches on topics such as inclusion, social justice, mental health, addiction, and suicide, as well as federal legislation promoting apprenticeship programs. Martinez believes that leaders should provide a vision for their staff and community that will produce better outcomes for individuals and communities, and that everyone deserves a chance to succeed. Listeners are encouraged to share the episode with anyone who would benefit from the conversation and to check out Doran's book, Soft as Steel.

    33m | Jun 20, 2023
  • Patrick Skodje: Building Strong Teams Through Love and Passion

    Dennis' guest this week, Pat Skodje, is known for his leadership built on soft skills in the construction industry. Skodje emphasizes the importance of empathy, peaceful problem-solving, and partnership in the engineering and design industry. He also shares his experience of starting a new operation for Coatings Unlimited, highlighting the importance of recruiting and training younger workers. Skodje believes that by helping others grow in their careers and achieve their goals, you can share the love and build a strong team. The episode emphasizes the importance of soft skills in the workplace and how they can lead to successful projects and relationships with clients.

    33m | Jun 13, 2023
  • Vicki O'Leary: Breaking Down Barriers - A Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion in Construction

    This episode features host Dennis Doran and guest Vicki O'Leary, a union leader and chair of North America's Building Trade Unions Trade Women's Committee. They discuss the challenges of diversity, inclusion, and social justice in the construction industry, particularly for women and people of color. They emphasize the importance of early education and mentoring programs, as well as the need for more women and people of color in leadership positions. They also discuss the importance of soft skills in the workplace and the need for unions to provide both technical and mentoring skills to apprentices.

    39m | Jun 6, 2023
  • Christine Merdon: How important are soft skills in the construction industry?

    This episode features a conversation between host Dennis Doran and guest Christine Merden, a leader in the construction industry with over 30 years of experience. They discuss the importance of soft skills in the construction industry, as well as issues related to women's participation and mental health. Christine shares her experience working on the successful restoration of the Capitol Dome project, highlighting the importance of safety, communication, and team collaboration. They also discuss the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the industry and the importance of addressing mental health. The conversation emphasizes the importance of both technical skills and soft skills in the workplace.

    40m | May 30, 2023
  • Steven Philipp: Servant Leadership

    This episode features an interview with Stephen Philipp, the President of Coatings Unlimited, a family-owned company that provides coating and lining systems for various markets. The conversation focuses on the importance of soft skills in business and the value of building relationships with people. Stephen emphasizes the need to prioritize soft skills over hard skills, the importance of communication and understanding in the construction industry, and the power of love in business transactions. He also discusses the benefits of utilizing social media to expand one's network and the qualities that are important for success in business. The conversation ends with praise for Stephen's humility and trustworthy nature.

    34m | May 23, 2023
  • John Posilicco: Leadership Grounded in Soft Skills

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Duran interviews John Posilicco, a senior lecturer at Birmingham City University School of Engineering and the Built Environment in England, who shares his thoughts on soft skills in the workplace. Posilicco emphasizes the importance of human interaction and communication in the workplace and how technology can both help and hinder this. They also discuss the significance of diversity and inclusion in the construction industry and the need for effective communication across all levels of diversity. The episode highlights the vital role of soft skills in creating positive workplace cultures and building successful projects.

    36m | May 16, 2023
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