• Steve Griggs: Straight Dirt

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran talks with Steve Griggs, a seasoned landscape designer, about the significance of soft skills in the construction industry. Steve emphasizes the value of hands-on leadership, personal accountability, and the joy of creating beautiful landscapes. He discusses the importance of respect, integrity, and effective communication, as well as the challenges of imparting these skills. The conversation also touches on societal challenges, the role of thought leadership, and the necessity of continuous self-improvement. Steve's commitment to excellence and passion for his work shines through, providing listeners with insights into successful leadership and entrepreneurship.

    38m | Feb 27, 2024
  • Shelley Armato: Be a Kind Disrupter

    In this episode, host Dennis Doran speaks with Shelley Armato, CEO and co-founder of My Smart Plans. Shelley discusses the creation of her software service as a response to the chaos and lack of accountability in the construction industry. She emphasizes the importance of communication, transparency, and data-driven decision-making in improving project outcomes. Despite resistance, Shelley's company is gaining traction, with projects like Fresno International Airport and international expansion to Guam. She shares a personal story of confronting Turner Construction and her philanthropic work, including supporting a refugee family and volunteering at City Union Mission. Shelley is determined to revolutionize the construction industry, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and without post-completion issues, ultimately benefiting the country's infrastructure.

    35m | Feb 20, 2024
  • Chris Scheiblein: How to Extend a Helping Hand

    Dennis Doran talks with Chris Scheiblein, an employee assistance professional from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Helping Hands Program. They discuss the critical issues of mental health, addiction, and suicide in the construction industry, highlighting the need for support, education, and a culture of compassion and inclusivity. Chris shares his personal recovery journey and his work in promoting behavioral health assistance, emphasizing the importance of understanding cultural and generational differences to foster empathy. They explore the progress in reducing stigma and the ongoing need for industry-wide education to normalize conversations around mental health at job sites. The episode underscores the significance of love, inclusion, and social justice in creating a supportive labor movement.

    30m | Feb 13, 2024
  • Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer: Humor and Teflon - Ingredients For Success

    In this podcast episode, Dennis Doran interviews Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer, President of Health Well Done, about her unique approach to leadership in the construction industry. Cathy, who started as a special education teacher and transitioned to construction project management, emphasizes the importance of soft skills, team-building, and putting people first—especially in healthcare projects. She shares insights from her experience at Stanford Hospital and her book, advocating for a patient-first philosophy. The conversation also touches on the need for diversity, mentorship, and conflict resolution in the industry, as well as the value of loving one's work for success.

    35m | Feb 6, 2024
  • Barb Allen: Sidelining Unconscious Bias

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran talks with Barb Allen about her 26-year career in construction. Starting as an apprentice carpenter, Barb rose to become a success coach and gender diversity consultant. She shares her struggles with resistance and bullying as a woman in a male-dominated field and her efforts to overcome unconscious biases. Barb and Dennis discuss the industry's progress in diversity and inclusion, the importance of male allies, and the need for respectful workplace conditions, highlighting the significance of clean facilities as a measure of respect for workers.

    35m | Jan 30, 2024
  • Palmina Whelan: Learn Something From Everyone

    Dennis Doran interviews Palmina Whelan, an aviation industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Palmina discusses her role as the capital program director for the new Terminal One project at JFK airport, emphasizing passenger-centric design and the integration of technology and art. She addresses the impact of her position on promoting diversity and inclusion within the construction industry and the importance of mentorship and learning from diverse perspectives. Palmina reflects on her fair and reasonable approach to professional interactions and the collaborative nature of construction projects. She shares her passion for building and its ability to connect people, her team's success in achieving a 40% diversity rate in projects, and the significance of love in service. The episode wraps up with a look at the timeline for the JFK terminal project and Palmina's commitment to her work.

    33m | Jan 23, 2024
  • Doreen Bartoldus: Bossy With Good Reason

    In this podcast episode, host Dennis Doran interviews Doreen Bartoldus, a seasoned professional in the construction industry. Doreen discusses her 45-year career journey, starting as a draftsperson and rising to a leader in a male-dominated field. She recounts being labeled "bossy" and how she embraced her role as the boss. The episode delves into the challenges of increasing women's representation in construction, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the need to overcome cultural biases. Doreen emphasizes the positive impact of diversity on innovation and the role of technology in fostering a more inclusive industry.

    32m | Jan 16, 2024
  • Jesse Hernandez: Just Hire the Younger Ones

    Dennis Doran interviews Jesse Hernandez, a construction professional and podcaster. Jesse discusses his role as a "mind shifter" in the construction industry, his journey into podcasting, and the importance of problem-solving skills in construction. He also addresses the perception of construction as hard, dirty work and shares his experiences in engaging high school students in the industry. Jesse highlights the labor shortage in construction and challenges employers to change their hiring practices, particularly towards younger individuals. He concludes by emphasizing the need for a positive work environment to attract and retain talent.

    35m | Jan 9, 2024
  • Shining a Love Light on Community Impact: A Holiday Special at the YMCA

    In this podcast episode, host Dennis extends holiday greetings from the YMCA in Savannah, where he interviews Lovelight, the senior program director, and Richard Johnson, a staff member. The episode focuses on their stories and insights into their work at the YMCA, highlighting the impact they have on the community and the roles they play within the organization. The conversations with Lovelight and Richard offer a glimpse into the YMCA's environment and the dedication of its staff to fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

    13m | Dec 26, 2023
  • Kabri Lehrman-Schmid: Trailblazing Respect on the Job Site

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, a lead project superintendent at Hensel Phelps, a recognized industry leader. The discussion revolves around the importance of soft skills in the workplace, particularly in the construction industry. Topics include the role of a superintendent, the concept of psychological safety, effective communication, and the importance of building relationships. The conversation also touches on mental health issues, inclusion, social justice, and the power of love in leadership. Kabri shares their experiences and strategies for fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

    34m | Dec 19, 2023
  • Sandy Hamby: A Call to Action For Young People

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, Dennis Doran interviews Sandy Hamby, CEO of Moca Systems Touch Plan. They discuss the underrepresentation of women in the construction industry, the importance of social justice and fairness, and the impact of AI on the sector. Sandy shares her experiences of cultural work within her company and how it led to a redefinition of their core values. The conversation also touches on the issue of colorblindness and its societal impact. Sandy draws on her personal experiences, highlighting the need for greater equality and respect in relationships.

    40m | Dec 12, 2023
  • Alastair Boulding: Hire For Love, Not Diversity

    Dennis Doran interviews Alastair Boulding, a construction sciences and management teacher and master tradesperson. They discuss the challenges of attracting young people to the trades, the importance of diversity in the industry, and the role of representation in leadership positions. Al shares his experiences and insights from his 20 years in the trades, his apprenticeship journey, and his current teaching role. He also emphasizes the importance of inclusion and belonging in the industry, and shares his research on these topics. The conversation ends with a discussion on the impact of language and culture on diversity and representation.

    35m | Dec 5, 2023
  • Daniel Dahlinger: We Need More Daniels

    In this episode of the Soft as Steel podcast, host Dennis Doran interviews David Dahlinger, a young engineer with experience in the construction industry. They discuss the importance of soft skills, generational friction in the industry, and the challenges faced by engineering students entering different industries. Dahlinger emphasizes the need for companies to align their vision with the personal goals of young engineers. They also discuss the integration of technology in construction and how it can lead to safer working conditions and job security. Dahlinger suggests offering fair family leave programs to make the construction industry more attractive to young workers.

    32m | Nov 28, 2023
  • Jon Goldhill: Are You a Disruptive Successor?

    In this podcast episode, Dennis Doran and Jonathan Goldhill discuss the challenges faced by small and medium-sized family businesses, particularly in the construction industry. They focus on the concept of a "disruptive successor" and the importance of leadership development, succession planning, and implementing effective business processes. They also explore the role of coaches in helping businesses leverage their existing knowledge and wisdom. The episode provides valuable insights for individuals navigating business transitions and highlights the expertise of both guests in business advisory and coaching.

    33m | Nov 21, 2023
  • Adam Hoots: Respect Yields Productivity

    Dennis Doran welcomes guest Adam Hoots, an experienced professional in the architectural and construction industry. Adam discusses his background and his research on lean principles in construction management. They emphasize the importance of treating all participants with respect and dignity, promoting a culture of safety and psychological well-being, and addressing mental health issues in the industry. They also discuss the need for mental model shifts and collaboration among professionals to drive true change. Adam highlights the challenges of resistance to change and changing the perception of the construction industry for younger generations. The conversation ends on a positive note, highlighting the potential for transformation in the industry.

    32m | Nov 14, 2023
  • Manny Carrillo: I Raised My Hand

    Dennis Doran introduces Manny Carrillo, founder and inventor of the Safety Anchor Post. Manny, with his extensive experience in the construction industry, discusses the challenges faced by workers and the need for secure anchoring solutions. He shares his journey of developing the Safety Anchor Post, overcoming obstacles, and gaining validation for his invention. Manny emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, and prioritizing worker safety. He also expresses his motivation to educate others and create a safe working environment. Dennis acknowledges Manny's dedication and highlights the evolving importance of safety in the industry.

    34m | Nov 7, 2023
  • Bryon Stephens: The Culture Champion

    Dennis Doran welcomes Bryon Stephens, co-founder of Pivotal Growth Partners (PJP), a franchise development company. They discuss PJP's model, challenges in the construction industry, and the importance of culture and leadership principles. Bryon explains how PJP helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and emphasizes the significance of company culture in a franchise company. They also touch on the challenges in the construction industry and the need for adaptability and learning. The conversation highlights the importance of loving what you do, creating a positive work environment, and embracing diversity. They also discuss generational cooperation and creating moments of magic in the workplace. The episode concludes with Dennis thanking Bryon for his insights and encouraging listeners to check out his book.

    37m | Oct 31, 2023
  • Aaron Prill: The Most Valuable Soft Skills for Success in Construction

    Dennis Doran interviews Aaron Prill, Vice President of Construction at Cologix, Inc. They discuss the importance of soft skills in the construction industry and how they contribute to building strong relationships. Aaron emphasizes the value of love, inclusion, social justice, and leadership in his work. He shares personal experiences with dyslexia and how he has overcome challenges in his learning process. Aaron also highlights the significance of diversity and creating a comfortable environment for open conversation. He encourages listeners to embrace change and prioritize building relationships to foster inclusivity.

    30m | Oct 24, 2023
  • Angel lyke-Osuji: Empathize With Those You Lead

    In this episode, host Dennis Doran introduces his guest, Angel lyke-Osuji, who works in the construction industry. They discuss Angel's background and career journey, emphasizing the importance of soft skills and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Angel shares her experiences and insights on effective communication, understanding nonverbal cues, and the significance of empathy in leadership. They also touch on the lack of gender balance in the industry and the need for more diversity and inclusion. Dennis expresses his confidence in Angel's generation as catalysts for positive change in the construction industry.

    35m | Oct 17, 2023
  • Tatsuya 'Tats' Nakagawa: Sharing Curiosity With Confidence

    In this podcast episode, Dennis Doran interviews "Tats," the co-founder and CEO of Castagra Products and host of the Specified Growth podcast. They discuss the importance of soft skills in leadership, particularly the skill of listening. Tats shares his journey of becoming a better listener through podcasting and emphasizes the need to fight biases and distractions. They also talk about the importance of nuance and complexity in business and life, clarifying intentions and priorities, and the values and purpose of Castagra Products. They touch on the construction industry's ability to embrace change and adapt to new technologies and generational differences. The episode concludes with a discussion on emotional intelligence and the role of soft skills in leadership.

    35m | Oct 10, 2023
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