Steve Jeanty’s Infinite Playlist

Rapper and Comedian Steve Jeanty talks to guests about their 5 all time best songs and then freestyle raps a track about their life. With co-hosts Sylvie Wang and Exacto


Christian Rock with Mike Zakarian
Show Details35min 5s
This is my Dad music with Luke Null
Show Details52min 22s
The First Cool Song with Emily Panic
Show Details46min 17s
Lean into Silly with Ilana Rubin
Show Details40min 55s
Background noise sex playlist with Connor Johnston
Show Details39min 56s
It's hard to be a Daddy with Jesse Roth
Show Details44min 54s
I'm the star of my own movie with Sarah Dooley
Show Details29min 49s
Mouthing the words with Sydney Battle
Show Details33min 24s
"How that book tho?" End of year wrap up episode
Show Details34min 14s
Super Rich Kid with Randall Otis
Show Details28min 18s
A Visual Brain - with Addie Weyrich
Show Details40min 40s
A very special apology - from Sylvie Wang
Show Details2min 46s
I Would Fuck a Cop to This with Milly Tamarez
Show Details39min 20s
The Biggest Foolish Flex with Will Martinez
Show Details46min 47s
Emo Baby with Sebastian Conelli
Show Details44min 1s
Steve Jeanty’s Infinite Playlist (Trailer)
Show Details31s