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Can the 49ers' season be saved?
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Ep. 149 - What's up with the 49ers? Talking Trey Lance's 1st start, Kyle Shanahan, and more
Show Details58min 16s
Ep. 148 - Were the expectations too high for the 49ers? Time to roll with Trey Lance?
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 147 - Reacting to the 49ers' Week 3 loss to the Packers
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Ep. 146 - Is Jimmy Garoppolo the most polarizing 49ers player in recent history?
Show Details55min 29s
Ep. 145 - Did the Lions expose 49ers' major flaws in Week 1?
Show Details56min 59s
Ep. 144 - Breaking down the 49ers' 53-man roster plus record predictions
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep. 143 - Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance? Larry Krueger weighs in on the 49ers' decision
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep. 142 - Evaluating Trey Lance's 49ers debut
Show Details47min 15s
Ep. 141 - Matt Barrows discusses the Trey Lance Hype Train
Show Details40min 9s
Ep. 140 - Reacting to the 49ers signing Fred Warner to a massive contract extension
Show Details35min 31s
Ep. 139 - Expectations for the 49ers heading into the 2021 season, mailbag
Show Details1hr 17min
Ep. 138 - Trey to the Bay! Guy Haberman joins to discuss the 49ers' draft class
Show Details56min 36s
Ep. 137 - Draft show! Breaking down the QB prospects, plus 7-round 49ers mock draft
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Ep. 136 - Why we're not buying the Mac Jones-to-49ers hype
Show Details51min 52s
Ep. 135 - Breaking down the 49ers’ free-agency moves
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Ep. 134 - Debating how the 49ers solve the QB dilemma
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Ep. 133 - Talking with Keiana Martin, plus some mandatory Watson-to-49ers discussion
Show Details59min 10s
Ep. 132 - Debating 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo's future
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Ep. 131 - Nick Mullens almost single-handedly tanks the 49ers' playoff hopes
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Ep. 130 - Why can't the 49ers hit on a quarterback?
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Ep. 129 - 49ers approaching an offseason of uncertainty
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Ep. 128 - You kidding me?! Playoffs?! Here's how the 49ers make it
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Ep. 127 - What's the 49ers' plan beyond this season?
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Ep. 126 - What's the 49ers' plan for replacing Jimmy Garoppolo?
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Ep. 125 - Has Jimmy Garoppolo's time with the 49ers come to an end?
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Ep. 124 - How many QBs would you take over Jimmy Garoppolo?
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Ep. 123 - Recapping 49ers-Rams, previewing Patriots, Jimmy Garoppolo's future
Show Details53min 54s
Ep. 122 - Talking 49ers, quarterbacks, coaching decisions with Matt Barrows
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Ep. 121 - 49ers look to overcome hurdles, get season back on track
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Ep. 120 - Nick Mullens, receivers, 49ers-Eagles, and more
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Ep. 119 - Breaking down the 49ers' Week 1 loss to the Cardinals
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Ep. 118 - Predicting the 49ers' record in 2020
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Ep. 117 - 49ers 53-man roster prediction and fan mailbag
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Ep. 116 - Grant Cohn joins to discuss George Kittle, Jimmy Garoppolo, and the state of the 49ers
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Ep. 115 - Jordan Reed and Dion Jordan signings, Jimmy Garoppolo, Raheem Mostert, more
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Ep. 114 - Breaking down the NFL's plan to push forward and Madden NFL 21's 49ers ratings
Show Details31min 49s
Ep. 113 - George Kittle, Jamal Adams, and the unfair criticism of Jimmy Garoppolo
Show Details26min 56s
Ep. 112 - Kyle Shanahan's new contract, George Kittle's potential deal, NFL's response to inequality
Show Details36min 56s
Ep. 111 - 49ers schedule breakdown, predictions, COVID-19 impact, George Kittle's contract
Show Details44min 46s
Ep. 110 - Did the 49ers roster improve after the draft?
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Ep. 109 - Reacting to the 49ers' Day 1 draft selections of Javon Kinlaw and Brandon Aiyuk
Show Details16min 42s
Ep. 108 - What will the 49ers do in the 2020 NFL Draft?
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Ep. 107 - Making sense of the 49ers' Buckner and Armstead moves
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Ep. 106 - Breaking down the NFL Scouting Combine with Eric Crocker
Show Details55min 41s
Ep. 105 - 49ers 2020 offseason preview
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Ep. 104 - 49ers' Super Bowl LIV collapse and potential offseason moves
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Ep. 103 - 49ers-Chiefs Super Bowl LIV preview
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Ep. 102 - The 49ers are headed to Super Bowl LIV to face the Chiefs!
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Ep. 101 - Previewing the 49ers-Packers NFC Championship Game matchup
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep. 100 - Milestone episode previews 49ers-Vikings playoff game
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 99 - Recapping the 49ers' Week 17 win over the Seahawks
Show Details1hr 14min
Ep. 98 - Joe Fann of NBC Sports Northwest helps preview 49ers-Seahawks
Show Details53min 22s
Ep. 97 - John Middlekauff helps make sense of the 49ers' loss to the Falcons
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 96 - 49ers-Saints recap, previewing the Falcons and potential playoff scenarios
Show Details42min 39s
Ep. 95 - Finding positives from the loss to the Ravens, 49ers-Saints preview
Show Details54min 7s
Ep. 94 - 49ers-Packers review and the keys to beating Lamar Jackson and the Ravens
Show Details44min 10s
Ep. 93 - 49ers-Cardinals review and previewing 49ers-Packers with Ryan Wood
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 92 - Breaking down the 49ers' first loss and previewing the Cardinals rematch
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 91 - Jeff Deeney of PFF joins to discuss the 8-0 49ers as they prepare for the Seahawks
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep. 90 - The 49ers are 7-0 and headed to the desert to face the Cardinals
Show Details55min 42s
Ep. 89 - 49ers are 6-0 after a win at Washington but do they need an upgrade at receiver?
Show Details59min 31s
Ep. 88 - A huge win over the Rams and previewing the game at Washington
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 87 - 49ers vs. Browns review, Rams preview, defense, and handshakes
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 86 - Previewing 49ers vs. Browns and reviewing the season so far
Show Details53min 2s
Ep. 85 - Dissecting the 49ers' 3-0 start with Rob "Stats" Guerrera of NBC Sports
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 84 - Breaking down the 49ers' impressive blowout win vs. the Bengals
Show Details56min 16s
Ep. 83 - Recapping the 49ers' Week 1 victory over the Buccaneers
Show Details48min 49s
Ep. 82 - How much have the 49ers improved and are they ready to contend?
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Ep. 81 - Jimmy Garoppolo rebounds vs. Chiefs and predicting some tough roster decisions
Show Details53min 22s
Ep. 80 - What we learned from the 49ers’ first two preseason games
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Ep. 79 - 49ers training camp is here! A position-by-position breakdown
Show Details1hr 40min
Ep. 78 - Where are the 49ers in their rebuild?
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep. 77 - Previewing the 49ers’ 2019 draft, complete with mocks
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 76 - Did the 49ers do enough in free agency?
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 75 - Taking a look at the 49ers' plan for free agency and the draft
Show Details1hr 22min
Ep. 74 - 49ers RB Jeff Wilson Jr. discusses his journey from North Texas to the NFL
Show Details48min 37s
Ep. 73 - Eric Crocker joins Al Sacco to evaluate the 49ers' play, needs, and future
Show Details55min 54s
Ep. 72 - Jon Ledyard of The Draft Network discusses his recent article on fixing the 49ers
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep. 71 - Adam Caplan discusses Garoppolo's timeline for return and the 49ers' offseason focus
Show Details1hr 24min
Ep. 70 - Recapping the 49ers' loss to the Giants and the defense still making mental mistakes
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep. 69 - Benjamin Allbright talks Mullens, Kittle, and the job Lynch and Shanahan have done
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 68 - senior reporter Joe Fann joins to talk Niners; Al & Zain take your questions
Show Details1hr 20min
Ep. 67 - Elliot Harrison of NFL Network and joins to discuss the state of the 49ers
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 66 - Matt Barrows of The Athletic joins to help analyze the 49ers' derailed season
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 65 - Jeff Deeney of Pro Football Focus joins to discuss the 49ers and the defense's regression
Show Details1hr 14min
Ep. 64 - Reacting to the Jimmy Garoppolo injury and discussing what's in store for the 49ers
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 63 - Is the 49ers front office too conservative? Rob "Stats" Guerrera joins the conversation
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 62 - Michael Lombardi talks Walsh, Belichick, and the deal that sent Garoppolo to the 49ers
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 61 - 49ers-Vikings preview and what the McKinnon loss means for the offense
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep. 60 - 53-man roster projections and a debate on if the 49ers should go after Khalil Mack
Show Details1hr 14min
Ep. 59 - Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee talks about the 49ers' pressing needs
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep. 58 - KNBR's Brad Almquist joins us to talk all things 49ers
Show Details57min 5s
Ep. 57 - Cam Inman gives Al and Zain the scoop on 49ers training camp
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 56 - Voice of the 49ers, Ted Robinson, joins to preview the 2018 season
Show Details1hr 28min
Ep. 55 - KNBR's Larry Krueger is back to talk all things 49ers
Show Details56min 49s
Ep. 54 - Discussing Garoppolo's minicamp "struggles" and potential breakout players in 2018
Show Details42min 3s
Ep. 53 - Remembering 49ers legend Dwight Clark and what he meant to The Faithful
Show Details12min 45s
Ep. 52 - A discussion with Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus plus Dez Bryant and Garoppolo talk
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 51 - A discussion with 49ers rookie Richie James; Al and Zain discuss pass rush
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 50 - Reviewing the 49ers draft with analyst Dane Brugler of NFL Draft Scout
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 49 - 49ers draft preview show with a 3-person 7-round mock draft
Show Details1hr 24min
Ep. 48 - Erik Magnuson discusses his first season with the 49ers; Plus free agency breakdown
Show Details59min
Ep. 47 - Matt Barrows joins to discuss the NFL Scouting Combine and free agency
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep. 46 - John Middlekauff joins us to talk Foster, Garoppolo, free agency and the draft
Show Details1hr
Ep. 45 - Behind the scenes of the Hall of Fame voting with Clark Judge plus Jimmy Garoppolo reaction
Show Details57min 7s
Ep. 44 - East-West Shrine Game MVP Daurice Fountain talks about his NFL hopes
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 43 - KNBR's Brian Murphy discusses the 49ers season, Garoppolo fever, and Reuben Foster
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 42 - Kyle Brandt of Good Morning Football discusses the 49ers hype train
Show Details46min 28s
Ep. 41 - 49ers LB Dekoda Watson talks to about his time in the NFL and growth of the 2017 49ers
Show Details22min 40s
Ep. 40 - Legendary 49ers announcer Joe Starkey joins us to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo and the team
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 39 - senior reporter Joe Fann joins us to talk about the red-hot 49ers
Show Details57min 48s
Ep. 38 - The voice of the 49ers, Ted Robinson, shares his thoughts on the 2017 season
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 37 - A talk with Solomon Thomas and his father, plus Garoppolo fever
Show Details53min 48s
Ep. 36 - A talk with Jeff Christensen, the man who helped develop Jimmy Garoppolo
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep. 35 - Kevin and Zain preview 49ers-Seahawks and discuss Beathard vs Garoppolo
Show Details35min 47s
Ep. 34 - Dexter Carter discusses his career, teammates, transitioning from Montana to Young
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 33 - Derrick Deese discusses his career, teammates, Eddie DeBartolo, T.O., and Kyle Shanahan
Show Details53min 34s
Ep. 32 - Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston joins us to discuss the Jimmy Garoppolo to 49ers trade
Show Details53min 42s
Ep. 31 - Kevin Jones co-hosts with Zain to discuss the 49ers' future
Show Details44min 1s
Ep. 30 - NFL Network's Mike Silver joins us to talk officials, Shanahan, Cousins, and more
Show Details1hr
Ep. 29 - A discussion with 49ers VP of Communications Bob Lange
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 28 - KNBR's Larry Krueger is back to talk about the 49ers' offensive woes
Show Details56min 15s
Ep. 27 - Matt Almond joins us to discuss the NFL's business side; Plus a look at Week 3's loss
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep. 26 - Daniel Brown of the Mercury News joins us to recap the 49ers' Week 2 loss
Show Details56min 49s
Ep. 25 - Al and Tracy try to make sense of the 49ers' Week 1 performance
Show Details40min 49s
Ep. 24 - Al and Taylor break down the 49ers' 53-man roster
Show Details43min 18s
Ep. 23 - Former 49ers linebacker Gary Plummer joins to discuss the team's past and present
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 22 - Matt Barrows joins us to review the 49ers' preseason Week 2 performance
Show Details44min 20s
Ep. 21 - 49ers at Chiefs breakdown and a chat with Ryan Sakamoto
Show Details35min 19s
Ep. 20 - Cam Inman discusses training camp and the 49ers' first preseason game
Show Details37min
Ep. 19 - Pete Prisco of CBS Sports discusses what the 2017 49ers might look like
Show Details48min 13s
Ep. 18 - KNBR's Larry Krueger is on the show to help preview 49ers training camp
Show Details59min 15s
Ep. 17 - 49ers rookie WR Victor Bolden discusses Camp Hoyer and his versatility
Show Details51min 40s
Ep. 16 - 49ers rookie Cole Hikutini discusses his role in the wide-open tight end race
Show Details41min 50s
Ep. 15 - 49ers DB Adrian Colbert joins the show and a look at the secondary
Show Details44min 59s
Ep. 14 - 49ers rookie Pita Taumoepenu joins to talk about his journey to the NFL
Show Details39min 54s
Ep. 13 - Senior Reporter Joe Fann joins Al and Zain to talk about the 2017 season
Show Details42min
Ep. 12 - Interview with 49ers rookie Lorenzo Jerome plus Jeremy Maclin and Navarro Bowman discussion
Show Details28min 57s
Ep. 11 - 49ers rookie D.J. Jones discusses his NFL experience thus far
Show Details51min 30s
Ep. 10 - Taylor Price joins Al and Zain to share stories about his time working for the 49ers
Show Details46min 34s
Ep. 9 - WR Michael Esiobu joins Al and Zain to talk about his tryout with the 49ers
Show Details37min 43s
Ep. 8 - Matt Maiocco joins Al and Zain to discuss Lynch and Shanahan's first draft
Show Details55min 36s
Ep. 7 - Al and Zain present their 7-round 49ers mock drafts
Show Details40min 55s
Ep. 6 - A hard look at the state of the current 49ers roster
Show Details40min 58s
Ep. 5 - Past draft mistakes and predicting the 49ers' 2017 draft
Show Details41min 32s
Ep. 4 - Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee joins Al and Zain
Show Details24min 38s
Ep. 3 - Breaking down the 49ers' free agent moves and what to expect moving forward
Show Details43min 53s
Ep. 2 - Chris Biderman of joins Al and Zain to talk free agency
Show Details41min 12s
Ep. 1 - Earl Mitchell signing and quarterback options
Show Details34min 3s