Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive (SADDO)

We love sitcoms. Particularly classic British sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s. They remind us of our happy childhoods, watching television with our families in the evenings, back when choice was limited to just three or four channels.

Now – 30 or 40 years later – we still love to watch classic sitcoms like Rising Damp, Fawlty Towers, Porridge and more: it’s like going to visit an old friend with whom you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable.

Starting with The Good Life (Good Neighbors to American audiences), we'll be taking a weekly deep dive into every single episode ever made of our favourite childhood sitcoms: examining the humour, characters, fashions and cringey bits together.

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S01E22 - Tom Good, History's Greatest Monster
Show Details48min 31s
S01E21 - Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Say No More
Show Details42min 43s
S01E20 - The Beast in Jerry
Show Details48min 26s
S01E19 - Thatcher Writ Small
Show Details53min 21s
S01E18 - Toilet Sausage
Show Details48min 19s
S01E17 - Shut Up!
Show Details42min 45s
S01E16 - It's Hard Being Considerate
Show Details39min 24s
S01E15 - It's Not a Shed, It's a Studio
Show Details38min 9s
S01E14 - Pig Porn
Show Details36min 47s
S01E13.5 - Joe Simmonds Interview (BONUS EPISODE)
Show Details17min 9s
S01E13 - The Sound of Margo's Meltdown
Show Details39min 55s
S01E12 - Tom Good Freeman on the Land
Show Details36min 40s
S01E11 - The Mr Coles Show
Show Details42min 55s
S01E10 - Dutch Dive Overdrive
Show Details44min 7s
S01E09 - Pooing Out Carrots
Show Details49min 4s
S01E08 - Thank You Very Much Tom - Goodbye!
Show Details37min 17s
S01E07 - 70s Takeaways
Show Details43min 48s
S01E06 - Tom The Unmitigated Scoundrel
Show Details43min 17s
S01E05 - Get Carter
Show Details36min 29s
S01E04 - Rhyming Slang Hell
Show Details38min 49s
S01E03 - Gin Coma
Show Details33min 53s
S01E02 - Draughtsman Dodging
Show Details38min 35s
S01E01 - A Couple of SADDOs
Show Details37min 34s
Show Details2min 8s