The Basketball Rules Expert Show

BRE is a weekly podcast in which we have an explore of the ins and the outs of NFHS Basketball rules.


Episode 13 - Basketball Rules Expert Podcast
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Basketball Rules Expert Podcast - Ep 012
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Episode 11 - Basketball Rules Expert Podcast
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So You Think You Know Basketball | Episode 10 - Basketball Rules Expert
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Episode 9 - Bench Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
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Greetings and welcome back to another episode of Basketball Rules Expert. The show where we lift National Federation of High School rules off of the printed page. breathe life into them. Simplify, clarify, amplify, give them back to you so that you can take them on the court

and be a Basketball Rules Expert. 

17min 17s
Published Oct 3, 2020 at 4:00pm
Episode 8 - Player Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
Show Details22min 43s
Episode 7 - Substitute & Team Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
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Episode 6 - Administrative Technical Fouls | NFHS Rules
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Episode 5 - Color Restrictions on Player Equipment & Apparel
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Episode 4 - Throw-Ins (Part Two)
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Episode 3 - Throw-Ins (Part One)
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Episode 2 - Intentional Fouls & Continuous Motion
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Episode 1 - Let's Talk Basketball Rules!
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Episode 0 - How this is gonna work
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