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One 2 One Podcast

In One 2 One, Kevin Wells, with guest Fr. Dan Leary, pulls back the curtains to life as a missionary priest tending to the poorest of the poor throughout the world. This podcast exposes the graces of abject poverty as they walk you through the footsteps of an American giant, Venerable Aloysius Schwartz.

"When you're confronted with a child who is sick...You cannot be indifferent, you have to help this individual on a One to One basis."

-Fr. Al Schwartz

For more information on the Life of Father Al or how you can help his mission and the work of the Sisters of Mary visit

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Episode 18: O Father, Where Art Thou?
Show Details19min 5s
Episode 17: Coherence?
Show Details24min 31s
Episode 16: I Never Knew You
Show Details28min 41s
Episode 15: The Cancelation of Our Paragons
Show Details46min 13s
Episode 14: Heroes and Bullies
Show Details39min 12s
Episode 13: Bishop Joseph Strickland Live on One2One
Show Details24min 47s
Episode 12: Live From Chalco!
Show Details20min 49s
Episode 11: One2One in Chalco!
Show Details14min 26s
Episode 10:The Good Shepherd's Lost Flock
Show Details35min 30s
Episode 9: Flesh on Ghosts
Show Details26min 3s
Episode 8: Hope and Healing
Show Details31min 21s
Lenten Journey Episode 7: Victim: The Crucified Priest and Sister
Show Details34min 47s
Lenten Journey Episode 6: The Saints Who Build Him
Show Details32min 12s
Lenten Journey Episode 5: "The Mysticism of His Prayer"
Show Details28min 16s
Lenten Journey Episode 4: "The Startling Voice of a Spiritual Father"
Show Details49min 29s
Lenten Journey Episode 3: "Fatherhood and Identity"
Show Details30min 25s
Lenten Journey Episode 2: "The Plunge- the Transformation"
Show Details30min 57s
Lenten Journey Episode 1: "The Shack and the Desert"
Show Details26min 22s
Ash Wednesday Intro Podcast
Show Details6min 52s
Ep. 010 The Christmas Trench
Show Details29min 21s
Ep.009 "100 MPH Christmas Prep"
Show Details22min 4s
Ep. 008 Christmas Missionaries
Show Details25min 2s
Ep. 007 The Umbilical Cord
Show Details18min 17s
Ep. 006 Retreating Forward
Show Details22min 22s
Ep. 005 The World's Greatest Weapon
Show Details26min
Ep. 004 Shame and the Ironman
Show Details28min 39s
Ep. 003 Tears and a Secret
Show Details22min 41s
Ep.002 Boystown in Guadalajara
Show Details23min 18s
Ep. 001 Fr. Dan and Kevin Wells First Episode!
Show Details27min 55s
Teaser Episode: Introduction with Father Dan Leary
Show Details5min 42s