Licking Non-Vanilla

Licking Non-Vanilla is a sex-positive hour of talk about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. So pull up your favorite easy chair, a cup of hot cup of cocoa and the lube, and sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty... on Licking Non-Vanilla, with your hosts Ralph Greco Jr. and M.Christian.


25-Open Up And Say: ANAL!
Show Details43min 28s
24-Dating As Your Libido Dictates: Talking With Amanda Wilson of #open (Hashtag Open)
Show Details47min 57s
23-Erotic Geekdom
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Dare to geek out (once again) with Chris and Ralph as they discuss the naughty and wild from the movies and TV shows they love, from way back in the day.

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41min 49s
Published Mar 29, 2021 at 5:09am
22-Octavia Returns!
Show Details41min 6s
21-Where Are My Naughty Red Lights Going?
Show Details32min 20s
20-Talking Cam Girl Fun with Greta Grindhouse
Show Details45min 6s
19-Social Media & Self-Promotion
Show Details47min 54s
18-Presidents Being Naughty: Why People of Privilege Can Be Such Perverts
Show Details49min 14s
17-Erotic Author Marilyn Jaye Lewis
Show Details56min 27s
16-Bella Throne, Corona and the Healing Power of Dominance and Submission
Show Details53min 56s
15-Oh, What a Wonderfully Sexy World it is When We Can Be Open!
Show Details52min 13s
14-The Keys to the Kinkdom
Show Details55min 46s
13-Good, bad and unusual sex talk with Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey
Show Details51min 39s
12-Ralph & Chris speak with adult film star Lance Hart
Show Details53min 27s
11-Conversation with Lisa Weinberger of
Show Details1hr 6min
10-Publishing and Kinks, time well spent.
Show Details52min 29s
9-Talking with Bridget from
Show Details54min 44s
8-From Porn in the 90's, Boogie Nights and Burt Reynolds...and Anal.
Show Details47min 10s
7-Talking Clips4Sale with Neil...owner of Clips4Sale
Show Details49min 59s
6-How To Write Porn For Fun & Profit
Show Details53min 22s
5-Ralph & Chris talk to their first call-in guest ever, Miss Ava, of The Sissy Parlor
Show Details50min 29s
4-As Technology Intrudes
Show Details51min 36s
3-How (and Why) To Be a Sex Writer
Show Details53min 58s
2-What is Erotica and What is Porn?
Show Details50min 36s
Licking Non-Vanilla Trailer
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Licking Non-Vanilla - Episode 1
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