Big Fat Winners

Over the past decade Skippy and The Edge have learned the cold hard truth about betting on sports. Without strategy and serious preparation it is impossible to win money consistently. The two became friends over the years from interaction with the Big Fat Winners podcast. The Edge has a great feel for college football and money line underdog winners. Skippy does very well on targeting overs in NFL and NCAA basketball/football. They have come together to provide an entertainment aspect to a show that also provides information that can help betters make money!


We Rolling
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Saturday Game Day! 10-24-2020
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Sunday 10-25-2020
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Hard Hats
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Game Day Sunday
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Game Day Saturday
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The Game of the Year
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Game Day Sunday!
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Saturday Gameday
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We Need a Bounce Back
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Gameday Sunday
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Game Day Saturday
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We Love the Card
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BFW Sunday Gameday 9-27
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BFW Saturday Game Day 9/26/2020
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Moment of Truth
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BFW Sunday Gameday
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BFW Saturday Gameday
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Perfect 6-0
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BFW Gameday
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Opening Week
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September means Football
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Lets do it again
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Difficult Night
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Not So Fast
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It is August
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Solo Skippy
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The Papa Returns
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Antwan Staley
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Simple Mind
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Skippy Needs Chippies
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Why Should You Listen?
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