Anita Robertson: Explaining your ADHD to your non-ADHD partner

1h 2m | Mar 27, 2023

Episode 130 with Anita Robertson.

“What’s hard for us is easy for everybody else. And what’s hard for everyone else is really easy for us.”

Anita is a psychotherapist in Austin, Texas, and the author of ADHD & Us: A Couple’s Guide to Loving and Living with Adult ADHD

Anita works with adults and couples, and she created the ADHD Relationship Bootcamp to help neurodiverse couples develop new skills to communicate effectively and improve their relationships. She also works with ADHD adults to make their environments ADHD-friendly: from executive functioning supports to sensory needs.

I reached out to Anita because while there seems to be plenty of advice out there on living with an ADHD partner, I haven’t seen a lot of books that address what it’s like to be the ADHD partner, especially as a woman. Many of us who are diagnosed in adulthood have difficulty explaining our ADHD traits and experiences, especially to our non-ADHD partners. Anita & I talk all about some of the more common stressors in relationships — like clutter or parenthood — and she describes the 5 ADHD relationship pillars and how we can embrace a growth mindset to improve communication and advocate for our needs.

Books & Articles mentioned:

ADHD & Us: A Couple's Guide to Loving and Living With Adult ADHD by Anita Robertson

Blog: When clutter makes your relationship messy


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