Hosted by Ben Beck, Wilhelm features conversations with friends, fellow podcasters as well as the occasional special guest discussing all things film. Each episode will feature a conversation with a guest including everything from discussing a specific film franchise, breaking down favorite films of a particular actor, exploring tropes in movies, or even settling pop culture debates. The discussions are endless and always fun!


"THERE IS NO SPOON" Diving Deep into The Matrix Franchise
Show Details1hr 49min
"ONE WILD AND CRAZY GUY" Top 5 Favorite Steve Martin Films
Show Details1hr 23min
"THIS TOWN AIN'T BIG ENOUGH" Top 5 Favorite Westerns
Show Details48min 4s
"LAST NIGHT IN SOHO" A Wilhelm Review
Show Details54min 12s
"I'LL BE RIGHT BACK" Top 5 Favorite Horror Movies
Show Details1hr 30min
"WHO YA GONNA CALL?" The Ghostbusters Franchise
Show Details1hr 32min
"WILHELM PODCAST PRESENTS" Top 5 Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Movies
Show Details1hr 21min
"BITE NIGHT" Top 5 Favorite Vampire Movies
Show Details1hr 14min
Spooktober Preview
Show Details10min
"FIRST AND 10" Our Favorite Football Films
Show Details1hr 24min
"NOTHING LIKE A SHOW" Our Favorite Movie Musicals
Show Details1hr 58min
A DEEP DIVE: Bad Times at the El Royale
Show Details2hr 4min
"AMERICAN BADASS" Our Favorite War Movies
Show Details1hr
Show Details1hr 18min
"WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM" Our Favorite Space Movies
Show Details49min 47s
"WHAT YEAR IS IT?" Our Favorite Movies with Time Travel
Show Details1hr 25min
"AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE" Favorite Mob/Mafia/Gangster Films
Show Details1hr 22min
"CORNETTO VS THE WORLD" The Films of Edgar Wright
Show Details1hr 59min
"MUSIC MAKES IT" Favorite Films with Amazing Soundtracks
Show Details1hr 7min
"AND I FEEL FINE" Favorite World Ending Movies
Show Details1hr 31min
"BE PREPARED!" Our Favorite Disney Villains
Show Details1hr 12min
"BEING JOHN CUSACK" - Our Favorite John Cusack Films
Show Details1hr 2min
"PEDAL TO THE METAL" - Car Chase Movies
Show Details46min 49s
"THE PREMIERE" The Most Essential Films
Show Details1hr 11min
Wilhelm: The Preview
Show Details1min 58s