069. Van Carlson | Think Big to Go Big

29m | Nov 13, 2023

What if the key to unlocking your business's full potential lies in your willingness to be a risk-taker?

In this episode, Van Carlson, Founder & CEO at SRA, shares insights on the importance of taking risks to elevate your business to the next level. Discover how consistently pursuing growth, learning, and utilizing the tools available can open doors to wealth and success. One key aspect Van delves into is the power of leveraging the 831(b) tax code to help small businesses scale up and gain financial stability.

But it's not just about business for Van. He reveals how SRA supports causes that their employees care about and how he personally contributes to environmental conservation.

Join us in this conversation that inspires big thinking, bold actions, and meaningful impact!

[00:00 - 10:31] Empowering Small Businesses with 831(b) Strategies

  • The 831(b) tax code enables business owners to build tax-deferred accounts, acting as a self-insurance strategy against unforeseen risks
  • Van and his company are committed to making 831(b) tax strategies available to small businesses
  • He acknowledges the challenge of making these ideas mainstream but is passionate about changing that narrative
  • His mission is to equip small business owners with strategies that encourage confident risk-taking

[10:32 - 15:50] The 16-Year Overnight Success

  • We dive into Van’s background and his steady climb to success
  • Van's secret? Calculated risk-taking: he believes in understanding risks, ensuring he can handle whatever comes his way
  • He is driven to make saving for business owners a common practice, aiming for a positive impact on the business community
  • The 831(b) tax code opens up a world of options for clients to confidently make decisions

[15:51 - 22:13] Creating a Culture of Care and Championing Conservation

  • Van's company enables employees to make a $500 annual donation to a charity of their choice, emphasizing philanthropy as a core benefit from day one
  • He recognizes the positive impact of philanthropy on talent attraction and retention
  • He also talks about his passion for conservation, driven by childhood experiences and a commitment to preserving natural beauty for future generations

[22:14 - 29:38] Taking Risks for Greater Impact

  • Success means you've got a responsibility to help
  • Dream big and take chances, so you can achieve more and give more

Tweetable Quotes:

“Every business owner, every successful enterprise out there ought to have the ability to put away tax-deferred income of their business that they created a profit in.”

“We're trying to make sure the client wins. I sleep easy at night knowing that because I do want our clients to win. I figured if the client wins, everything else will work itself out.”

“If you can hedge on your risk, I think you can be a better business owner, stabilize your company, and go big.”


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