071. Kevin Crowe | From Travel Miles to Treasured Memories

43m | Nov 27, 2023

How can you use the billions of unused travel miles sitting in people's wallets for the good? 

Joining us in this episode is Kevin Crowe, founder of "Give A Mile”, an incredible initiative that transforms these miles into heartwarming gifts. He shares the touching story of how a personal loss inspired a unique mission: providing flights for families to see their loved ones during their final days. Kevin also delves into the challenges of running a nonprofit, discussing the balance between innovation and the constraints of managing resources. His dream is to use a billion miles for flights, showing his big hopes for the future of his organization. 

Tune in as we dive into this powerful journey of compassion and community support, turning unused miles into priceless moments.

[00:00 - 10:19] Transforming Grief into a Gift to Others

  • Kevin recounts the inspiring story behind Give A Mile and how unexpected connections can profoundly impact our lives
  • Seeing the need for people to visit their loved ones during end-of-life situations and realizing the abundance of unused travel miles led to the creation of the organization
  • There are $16 billion unused travel miles in Canada alone; these miles, often overlooked, hold immense power in touching the lives of others
  • He shares amazing tales of over 1,040 flights made possible through donated miles, showing the significant difference Give A Mile has made

[10:20 - 20:46] Closing Distance: The Unseen Value of Unused Miles

  • Kevin breaks down the application process for Give A Mile
  • Time is of the essence and the team arranges flights rapidly, often within days, to meet urgent needs, with a dedicated volunteer team for review and booking
  • Donors are connected with the families they help, ensuring a transparent and impactful donation experience
  • He aims for Give A Mile to reach a billion miles in flights, highlighting the transformative power of donating unused travel miles

[20:45 - 25:57] The Challenges of Scaling Charity

  • Give A Mile has proven its model with numerous flights, but faces challenges in scaling up due to the unique nature of nonprofit funding
  • There are restrictions when obtaining grants, which don't always align with the innovative approach of Give A Mile
  • The organization benefits from holistic support, where investments in operations can significantly increase its capacity to aid more families

[25:58 - 32:10] Driven to Give

  • Participating in extreme endurance events like ultra-marathons has strengthened Kevin’s qualities of discipline, courage, and tenacity, essential for leading and growing Give A Mile
  • These activities instill a sense of awe and perspective and provide time for introspection, which reinforces the importance of living intentionally and working for a higher purpose
  • There is potential in using endurance events as a means to raise funds for Give A Mile, inspired by the growing trend of individuals undertaking physical challenges to support charitable causes
  • Small acts of generosity, no matter the amount, can have an immediate positive impact and bring a sense of fulfillment

[32:11 - 43:53] The Ripple Effect of Giving

  • Kevin reflects on the story of a woman he helped fly back to the Philippines and how it reinforced his commitment to the cause
  • Think big and challenge yourself to reach big goals as it can lead to great success in life and work

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you want to get your priorities and understand what life's really about hanging out with somebody who's running out of time.”

“There is something really powerful happening for all of us that goes beyond words, right?”

“To be a successful for-profit company, you have to be purpose-driven.”


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