078. Cayla Horey | Scaling to 6 Figures: Leadership Keys to Go Big

Season 1 | Episode 78
33m | Feb 19, 2024

How can leaders scale their impact, income, and influence? 

In episode 78, host Randy Molland sits down with leadership coach Cayla Horey to talk about the impact that effective leadership has on business growth and personal development. Cayla shares her journey of scaling her coaching practice, emphasizing the importance of feedback, decision-making, and figuring out the challenges within leadership. Through her experience and strategies, Cayla shows how leaders can flourish, enhancing their impact, influence, and income.

[00:00:00 - 00:12:18] Leadership and Business Growth

  • Understanding why leadership impacts the scaling of a business. 
  • Being open to feedback is critical for leaders to reach their full potential.
  • Taking ownership enables leaders to make confident decisions and move forward

[00:12:19 - 00:18:18] Cayla’s Keys to Growing in Business 

  • Focus on serving people and bringing value.
  • Provide memorable experiences to your clients. 
  • Taking opportunities as a platform to grow. 

[00:18:19 - 00:24:34] Making more Income to Impact 

  • Finding joy and purpose in giving. 
  • Cayla's approach to structured, impactful giving.
  • Integrating the family and creating a philosophy of giving. 

[00:24:35 - 00:33:16] The Joy of Anonymous Giving

  • Cayla's most memorable moment of giving. 
  • Round of rapid questions. 

Tweetable Quotes:

"Our businesses will never grow beyond our capacity to lead them." - Cayla Horey 

"Being open to feedback is one of the most important aspects of a leader's success." - Cayla Horey

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