077. Yanik Silver | Maverick 1000: How Authenticity and Purpose Fuel Business to Go Big

42m | Feb 12, 2024

Can authentic businesses transform the world while achieving profitability? 

In episode 77, guest Yanik Silver, the visionary behind Maverick 1000 and the author of "Evolved Enterprise," dives deep into the philosophy of integrating giving with business. Yanik shares his journey from a copywriter to a leader in socially responsible entrepreneurship, highlighting how businesses can use their resources for greater social impact. Through his experience and actionable insights, Yanik illustrates the power of business as a force for good, challenging us to rethink traditional business models.

[00:00:00-00:05:40] From copywriting to impactful entrepreneurship

  • How Yanik got involved in socially responsible entrepreneurship.
  • How early career experiences shaped Yanik's approach to business.
  • Business and entrepreneurship as a great lever to make the difference in the world.

[00:05:41-00:18:58] Evolved Enterprise: Concept to Reality

  • Getting organized with giving initiatives
  • Finding the model for giving back
  • Toms and Bomba socks testimony
  • Trends of giving back companies
  • Brands that are authentic VS Brands who give back for business

[00:18:59-00:30:41] Maverick 1000: Building a Network of Impact

  • The foundation and mission of Maverick 1000.
  • The power of community in amplifying impact.
  • The importance of collective action in entrepreneurship.
  • Different types of social responsibility
  • Great programs available to give back

[00:30:42-00:41:01] How can I start to give big?

  • Choosing a cause to donate.
  • Starting from your family, business or community.
  • Yanik’s most memorable experience of giving back.

Tweetable Quotes:

"Business can be the greatest lever for making a significant difference in the world." - Yanik Silver

“The more resources you have, if you’re a giving person...the more giving you’re going to be able to do.”- Yanik Silver

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