072. Steven Jones | How to Create Luck with Kindness

35m | Dec 4, 2023

In the high-stakes games of both business and life, how can we make room for kindness and bring good luck into our lives?

Steven Jones, Founder of JR Jones Group and the 2023 World Series of Poker Runner-Up sits down with us today in this episode. Steven's remarkable journey intertwines the competitive world of poker with the strategic realms of real estate. From learning poker as a child to becoming a successful real estate broker and a notable figure in poker tournaments, Steven shares insights on mentorship, the power of persistence and the law of attraction. He emphasizes how small acts of kindness and spreading joy usher good fortune in business and life. His story is not just about personal success, but about how one can leverage their achievements to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Don’t miss this conversation about how strategy, patience, and a heart for giving can converge to create a life of fulfillment and success.

[00:00 - 09:39] Navigating the World of Real Estate Entrepreneurship

  • Steven shares what sparked his interest in poker and entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship played a crucial role in Steven's success, providing guidance and confidence in his real estate career
  • Steven effectively balanced his passion for poker with his real estate career and explains how one supports the other
  • His transition to running his own brokerage did not just bring an increase in responsibility but also an opportunity to grow as a mentor and a leader
  • Steven values servicing a range of clients, from luxury homebuyers to first-time purchasers, finding unique rewards in each experience

[09:40 - 20:48] Playing the Long Game: Balancing Poker and Business Success

  • Steven talks about the demanding nature of poker and highlights the need for resilience and coping with frequent losses
  • He discusses how significant wins in poker can be both financially rewarding and confidence-boosting, reinforcing his commitment to the game
  • He notes that skills developed in business, such as reading people and understanding behaviors, have been beneficial in his poker career, demonstrating the crossover of skills between different disciplines
  • Post his major poker achievement, he recounts the lifestyle changes and his newfound freedom, including the shift in focus towards what truly matters to him and planning the next steps in his career and life

[20:49 - 25:04] The Good Fortune Formula: How Simple Gestures Make Big Impact

  • You can create your own luck through positive thinking and good deeds
  • Steven believes in the law of attraction and suggests that being a good person and giving back positively influences one's fortune, especially in high-stakes environments
  • He expands on the idea that giving doesn't always have to be grand gestures like donating money or volunteering hours
  • There is profound power in small, everyday gestures to bring happiness to others
  • Spreading joy not only benefits others but also brings him personal fulfillment, illustrating the mutually beneficial nature of kindness and empathy

[25:05 - 35:10] Happiness in Human Connections

  • Steven reflects on how he is influenced by his dad’s giving heart
  • Money can provide temporary happiness, true joy comes from human interaction and relationships

Tweetable Quotes:

“If you have a mentor, you're just going to be steps ahead of everyone else.”

“You can get really frustrated if you're just not cashing in tournaments, you’re just losing, losing. But you just have to keep going. You just have to have that grind in you.”

“I think human interaction creates happiness.”

Resource Mentioned:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


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