066. Diana Chaloux LaCerte | Creating Impact Through Fitness and Faith

46m | Oct 23, 2023

Fitness and faith are two seemingly distinct aspects of life, but they share a common thread - the power to transform and uplift individuals.

Today, we talk to Diana Chaloux LaCerte about her mission to make a difference and impact other people’s lives. With over 25 years of experience, she and her husband have pioneered online personal training through their company, Hitch Fit, and have helped thousands of people reach their health goals. She discusses their humble beginnings, her own weight-loss journey, and how they are standing out in a saturated space. She also shares her passion for giving back, emphasizing the role of her faith.

Tune in and find inspiration to make changes in your life.

[00:00 - 08:31] Forging the Path in Online Fitness

  • Diana reveals her side of the story: how she came together with her husband and built Hitch Fit
  • Check out Episode 60 with Micah LaCerte
  • They leveraged social media to grow their company and through the stories of their clients, they drew more people in
  • Over the years, online fitness became a completely saturated space but they were able to hold their ground through customization and direct communication with clients

[08:32 - 12:41] The Transformational Power of Mindset

  • The first step to change is shifting your mindset
  • Don’t see the things you do for fitness as making a sacrifice; the bigger sacrifice is the consequences of being unhealthy
  • Diana and her team believe in being honest with clients, helping them steer clear of negativity and stay on the right path

[12:42 - 22:45] Leading with Vulnerability

  • With Rock Body Retreats, they aim to connect with their clients on a deeper and more personal level
  • Diana recounts her own journey to weight loss and how sharing her story helps other people feel comfortable to open up too
  • She tells us about how the Lord showed her the next big move in their business: the Lean In / Level Up Conference
  • Despite the passing of their business partner, they are continuing the work to honor him

[22:46 - 33:39] Leaning into Faith

  • Diana tells us how she started sponsoring kids in Haiti to funding a school for them
  • When God calls you to give, do it because He will always provide
  • You will have peace when you are in alignment with God

[33:40 - 46:10] The Heart to Serve

  • Diana reflects on her most unforgettable moment of giving 
  • She answers the quick questions and highlights her belief that being in a fortunate position grants us a unique opportunity to make a positive influence on the lives of those less privileged

Tweetable Quotes:

“If it's coming in trying to just ‘I'm going to do a diet,’ it's not going to last. So the people that are the ones that we've seen be really successful are the people that actually had a shift happen up here in their mindset.”

“I changed my eating habits. I gave myself big goals, which for me was doing competitions. I needed something big enough to really put the pressure on me to change the bad habits and, you know, it opened up all these other doors.”

"When you lead with giving and you show that you're not afraid to give if wherever God calls you to give, you can do it knowing that he will pour back abundantly on you.”


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