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Modern Aikidoist Podcast

Thoughts and ideas for the aikido practitioners and any martial artists interested in martial arts history, training, strategy, and growth.


Ep. 182: "Can We Fix Aikido?" - with Dunken Francis
Show Details1hr 45min
Ep. 181 - Is Using Strength in Aikido Bad Form?
Show Details12min 33s
Ep. 180: How Martial Arts are Evolving - with Steven Scott
Show Details1hr 47min
Ep. 179: Is There a Revolution In the Martial Arts Right Now? - with Matt Stait
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep. 178: Ups and Downs of Various Martial Arts - with Oliver Martinez
Show Details1hr 48min
Ep. 177: Did Aikido Come From the Battlefield? - with Ellis Amdur
Show Details1hr 47min
Ep. 176: How Do You Handle a Fast Opponent? - With Steven Scott
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 175: How Does Weapons Practice Improve Aikido? - with Reg Sakamoto
Show Details1hr 19min
Ep. 174: Is Aikido Really Conflict Management? - with Dan Trailescu
Show Details1hr 27min
Ep. 173: The Martial Mindset - with Paul Cale
Show Details1hr 20min
Ep. 172: What is Budo? - with Joe Thambu
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep. 171: The Future of Aikido? - with Oliver Martinez
Show Details1hr 19min
Ep. 170: The Value of Irimi to Aikido - with Steven Scott
Show Details1hr 38min
Ep. 169: Is Ki Real or BS?
Show Details1hr 38min
Ep. 168: When Should You Go Physical? - with Remy Helgesen
Show Details1hr 18min
Ep. 167: Aikido's History and Background - with Ellis Amdur
Show Details1hr 47min
Ep. 166: The Fence - with Matt Stait
Show Details1hr 19min
Ep. 165L The Art of Self-Protection - with Oliver Martinez and Dan Trailescu
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 164: Kenji Tomiki and Shodokan Aikido - with Al Blanco
Show Details1hr 20min
Ep. 163: Aikido's Image Problem - with Steven Scott
Show Details1hr 36min
Ep. 162: Teaching and Learning Excellence - with Joe Thambu
Show Details1hr 24min
Ep. 161: The Importance of Grappling - A Conversation with Brendan Needham
Show Details1hr 24min
Ep. 160: The Realm of Conflict - A Conversation with Tony Blauer
Show Details1hr 35min
Ep. 159: What Makes Aikido? A Conversation with Reg Sakamoto
Show Details1hr 27min
Ep. 158: Where Did Aikido Go Wrong?
Show Details1hr 29min
Ep. 157: The Unsolvable Training Problem - with Steven Scott
Show Details1hr 52min
Ep. 156: A Study in Real Violence - The Eye Jab
Show Details2min 28s
Ep. 155: Adopting Self-Defense Training into Aikido
Show Details1hr 37min
Ep. 154: The "Run Away" Strategy - with Matt Stait
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep. 153: A Study in Real Violence - Best Example for Avoiding the Ground
Show Details3min 21s
Ep. 152: Koichi Tohei's Ki Principles - with Oliver Martinez
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 151: A Study in Real Violence - A Consensual Fight You Can't Avoid?
Show Details6min 16s
Ep. 150: Is Aikido a Complete Art? - with Dan Trailescu
Show Details1hr 13min
Ep. 149: Training Aikido for Reality - with Martyn Williams
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 148: Martial Arts in the Movies - with Dr. Jon Xue Zhang
Show Details1hr 49min
Ep. 147: Aikido's Issues and Solutions - with Christopher Hein, Steven Scott & Robert Silas
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 146: Hard vs. Soft Aikido - with Robert Silas
Show Details1hr 32min
Ep. 145: Ranks in Martial Arts - with Reg Sakamoto
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 144: Aikido's Criticisms and Excuses - with Brandon Needham and Dan Holloway
Show Details1hr 53min
Ep. 143: Sutemiwaza (Sacrifice Throws) - with Dan Holloway
Show Details42min 38s
Ep. 142: Knives and Lethal Force - with Matt Stait
Show Details1hr 44min
Ep. 141: The Warrior Spirit - with Col. Todd Hulsey
Show Details1hr 55min
Ep. 140 - Conversation with Rionne Fujiwara and D.J. Lortie
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 139 - Randori Breakdown: Steven Seagal
Show Details16min 3s
Ep. 138 - Conversation with Brian Bates of Bunkai Bastards
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep. 137 - Conversation with Iain Abernathy
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 136 - Conversation with Philip Greenwood
Show Details1hr 13min
Ep. 135 - Conversation with Rionne Fujiwara
Show Details1hr 39min
Ep. 134 - Conversation with Josh Gold
Show Details1hr 20min
Ep. 133 - Conversation with Larry Reynosa
Show Details1hr 35min
Ep. 132 - What Makes a Great Uke?
Show Details15min 5s
Ep. 131 - Conversation with Joe Thambu
Show Details1hr 17min
Ep. 130 - The Lead up to Attack: What Martial Arts Training Doesn't Cover
Show Details14min 4s
Ep. 129 - Aikido Self-Defense: Conversation with John Thompson
Show Details40min 37s
Ep. 128 - Randori Breakdown: Mitsugi Saotome
Show Details3min 41s
Ep. 127 - Koryu, Musashi, and Budo: A Conversation with Reg Sakamoto
Show Details1hr 14min
Ep. 126 - Conversation with Azu from Aikidoflow
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 125 - Tradition and Violence - Conversation with Jon Xue Zhang
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep. 124 - Conversation with Franscisco de los Cobos
Show Details1hr 17min
Ep. 123 - A Conversation with Bruce Bookman and Ellis Amdur
Show Details1hr 38min
Ep. 122 - Randori Breakdown: Gozo Shioda
Show Details6min 52s
Ep. 121 - Bill Sosa Shihan and Cross Training
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 120 - Real Life Violence Situations - Strategy of Self-Protection
Show Details15min 5s
Ep. 119 - Judo, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Sumo, and Aikido
Show Details8min 50s
Ep. 118 - The Place for Kicks in Aikido
Show Details19min 47s
Ep. 117 - What Makes a Technique Viable for Self-Defense?
Show Details19min 53s
Ep. 116 - Is Power a Virtue?
Show Details14min 44s
Ep. 115 - Turning Up the Throttle in Your Training
Show Details13min 21s
Ep. 114 - Modernize Aikido Weapons - Exciting Announcement!
Show Details17min 50s
Ep. 113 - Violence and Negotiation
Show Details14min 56s
Ep. 112 - The Curse of Mainstream Martial Arts
Show Details11min 3s
Ep. 111 - Learn to Conquer Overthinking
Show Details12min 28s
Matt Stait Interview with Tristan Chermack on the Martial Arts GB Business Group Arts
Show Details29min 30s
Ep. 110 - Practical Ideas for Cross Training
Show Details6min 43s
Ep. 109 - How Are Videos Affecting Aikido?
Show Details15min 47s
Ep. 108 - The Future of Aikido - A New Approach to Organizations
Show Details17min 26s
Ep. 107 - What if Aikido Had Bruce Lee?
Show Details15min 36s
Ep. 106 - Aikido's Bokken and Jo
Show Details13min 34s
Ep. 105 - What Does a Black Belt Mean?
Show Details10min 23s
Ep. 104 - Rules in a Fight?
Show Details16min 4s
Ep. 103 - Solo Training Ideas
Show Details18min 45s
Ep. 102 - The Violence Aikido Was Designed For
Show Details18min 15s
Ep. 101 - Musashi and the Sword
Show Details14min 55s
100th Episode - How Aikido is Growing
Show Details17min 46s
Ep. 099 - Coronavirus and Martial Arts Training
Show Details12min 47s
Ep. 098 - The Warrior Mindset
Show Details20min 57s
Ep. 097 - Koppo Jitsu: Aikido's Dark Side
Show Details12min 12s
Ep. 096 - Practical Ways to Improve Aikido's Reputation
Show Details14min 11s
Ep. 095 - Logical Fallacies in Martial Arts Arguments
Show Details14min 49s
Ep. 094 - Approaching Knife Defense Training
Show Details17min 42s
Ep. 093 - Using Gloves and Protective Equipment for Training
Show Details17min 29s
Ep. 092 - Training for Reality
Show Details25min 56s
Ep. 091 - The Trinity of Training: Form, Power, and Speed
Show Details18min 7s
Ep. 090 - Is Aikido Too Complicated and Intricate?
Show Details12min 39s
Ep. 089 - The Budo-Bujitsu-Bushido Shell Game
Show Details22min 7s
Ep. 088 - Throwing vs. Joint Locks vs. Strikes - Which are More Dangerous?
Show Details15min 23s
Ep. 087 - Are Chokes Immoral?
Show Details10min 17s
Ep. 086 - Is Your Dojo a Talent Hotbed?
Show Details13min 33s
Ep. 085 - The Holy Grail of Learning: Deep Practice
Show Details13min 35s
Ep 084 - BOMBSHELL! Mitsuteru Ueshiba's Letter from the Aikikai
Show Details18min 54s
Ep. 083 - Looking for People Who Want to Excel at Aikido Randori
Show Details14min 43s
Ep. 082 - Your Art Belongs to You
Show Details10min 6s
Ep. 081 - Is Your Master BSing You?
Show Details11min 14s
Ep. 080 - Red Flag Body Language
Show Details12min 20s
Ep. 079 - Crucial Performance Skill: Energy Management
Show Details22min 2s
Ep. 078 - The Good and Bad of the Online Martial Arts Community
Show Details12min 31s
Ep. 077 - My Test Criteria Overhaul
Show Details20min 1s
Ep. 076 - Aikido and Self-Defense
Show Details13min 24s
Ep. 075 - Dealing with Difficult Partners
Show Details22min 41s
Ep. 074 - Your Dojo: A Magical Place, a Dead Place, or a Toxic Place?
Show Details18min 46s
Ep. 073 - Learning to End a Fight
Show Details12min 48s
Ep. 072 - Learning Aikido Outside of Class
Show Details14min 15s
Ep, 071 - The Stupidity of Kata
Show Details20min 11s
Ep. 070 - Is Aikido's Origin the Ancient Japanese Battlefield?
Show Details13min 17s
Ep. 069 - Traits of an Outstanding Teacher
Show Details16min 38s
Ep. 068 - Traits of an Outstanding Martial Artist
Show Details19min 3s
Ep. 067 - The Next Evolution and the Future of Martial Arts - Interview with Tony Pacenski
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep. 066 - Does Aikido Need Another Movie Star?
Show Details13min 31s
Ep. 065 - How To Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts Training
Show Details13min 39s
Ep. 064 - Why Do Organizations Suck?
Show Details25min 51s
Ep. 063 - Is Aikido a Complete Art?
Show Details11min 29s
Ep. 062 - Was O-sensei a Good Teacher?
Show Details13min 3s
Ep. 061 - Do 90% of Fights End Up On the Ground?
Show Details11min 20s
Ep. 060 - Why Do Seminars Suck?
Show Details18min 50s
Ep. 059 - Martial Arts for Real Life
Show Details13min 24s
Ep. 058 - Ki Power - What Is It Exactly?
Show Details19min 7s
Ep. 057 - Steven Seagal and Tenshin Dojo - Interview with Jorge Angulo
Show Details52min 15s
Ep. 056 - True Victory is Victory Over Oneself
Show Details9min 32s
Ep. 055 - The Problem with Aikido and the Jab
Show Details15min 9s
Ep. 054 - Steven Seagal and Tenshin Aikido - Interview with Jaime Calderon
Show Details40min 35s
Ep. 053 - Announcing: Spirit Aikido Online is Live!
Show Details11min 42s
Ep. 052 - How Much Time Should I Spend Training?
Show Details8min 58s
Ep. 051 - Aikido's Problem About Reality
Show Details17min 49s
Ep. 050 - Where Will Aikido Be in 50 Years?
Show Details26min 32s
Ep. 049 - Now I'm a Black Belt, Am I Good Enough?
Show Details18min 59s
Ep. 048 - Aikido and Sun Tzu, Part 2
Show Details12min 57s
Ep. 047 - Aikido and Sun Tzu, Part 1
Show Details18min 54s
Ep. 046 - Different Body Types
Show Details17min 21s
Ep. 045 - Political Turmoil in the USAF
Show Details16min 1s
Ep. 044 - Atemi: Conversation with Robert Van Valkenburgh - Part 2
Show Details41min 24s
Ep. 043 - Atemi: Conversation with Robert Van Valkenburgh - Part 1
Show Details35min 38s
Ep. 042 - Dealing with Frustration and Overcoming Plateaus
Show Details10min 30s
Ep. 041 - Tearing Down Aikido's Excuses
Show Details35min 43s
Ep. 040 - Looking Forward, Looking Back
Show Details12min 38s
Ep. 039 - Is Kyushojitsu Practical or Reliable in a Real Fight?
Show Details10min 48s
Ep. 038 - Why Self Defense? The Dark Side of Humans
Show Details16min 27s
Ep. 037 - Steven Seagal and Tenshin Aikido - Interview with Lenny Sly, Part 2
Show Details44min 59s
Ep. 036 - Steven Seagal and Tenshin Aikido - Interview with Lenny Sly, Part 1
Show Details47min 1s
Ep. 035 - Are Ranks, Titles, and Belt Tests Useful?
Show Details13min 25s
Ep. 034 - The Power of Attack - Taking Initiative and Keeping It
Show Details14min 43s
Ep. 033 - What Is Lineage and Is Lineage Important?
Show Details8min 13s
Ep. 032 - Carrying a Weapon for Self-Defense
Show Details12min 41s
Ep. 031 - Great Listener Comments from Previous Podcasts
Show Details12min 35s
Ep. 030 - The Upsides and Downsides of Pain Compliance
Show Details10min 46s
Ep. 029 - How Teaching Makes You Better
Show Details10min
Ep. 028 - Merging Other Martial Arts with Aikido
Show Details10min 15s
Ep. 027 - Why Do Students Quit Once They Receive Their Black Belt?
Show Details9min 45s
Ep. 026 - Occupations Aikido Training Can Be Invaluable To
Show Details10min 45s
Ep. 025 - Making the Most of Training Time
Show Details20min 52s
Ep. 024 - Interview with Matt Stait - Insights on Training
Show Details53min 40s
Ep. 023 - Announcing: New Aikido Project!
Show Details11min 24s
Ep. 022 - A Journey of Making Aikido Practical for Self-Defense
Show Details17min 19s
Ep. 021 - Hakama, Virtues of Budo, and Other Traditions
Show Details12min 5s
Ep. 020 - The Duties of Teachers and Students
Show Details11min 56s
Ep. 019 - Dealing with Real Violence
Show Details15min 29s
Ep. 018 - Aikido is Love
Show Details7min 34s
Ep. 017 - What Makes Aikido a Viable Martial Art in Today's Combat Landscape?
Show Details21min 55s
Ep. 016 - Why is Aikido So Misunderstood?
Show Details11min 5s
Ep. 015 - Is Aikido an Art, a Science, or Something Else?
Show Details8min 33s
Ep. 014 - How to Build Speed
Show Details12min 5s
Ep. 013 - Aikido Practices Which Can Be Hard on the Body
Show Details21min 28s
Ep. 012 - Tips for Visiting a Dojo or Seminar
Show Details10min 24s
Ep. 011 - New to Martial Arts? How to Find the Right Dojo
Show Details10min 28s
Ep. 010 - Different Styles of Aikido
Show Details13min 23s
Ep. 009 - Being a Good Uke
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 008 - That's Not Aikido!
Show Details9min 29s
Ep. 007 - Competition: Light Side and Dark Side
Show Details15min 37s
Ep. 006 - Is Tradition Helping Aikido or Hurting It?
Show Details21min 38s
Ep. 005 - Aikido's Jiyu-Waza and Randori
Show Details14min 35s
Ep. 004 - Aikido: Myths Which Need to Die Part 2 - Knives and Lethal Force
Show Details11min 22s
Ep. 003 - Crisis of Faith in Aikido: Knife and Sword Defenses
Show Details13min 31s
Ep. 002 - Aikido: Myths Which Need to Die - Part 1
Show Details14min 29s
Ep. 001 - Aikido, Now and Into the Future
Show Details10min 18s