Fairy Tales For Kids

Tell very Old and Popular Fairy Tell to your kids. We create very Interestingly, Moral and Enjoyable Tales for kids. Fairy Tales provide a great experience and teach a good lesson to your kids.

  • Good Experience
  • Moral Lessons
  • Entertainment

Make Your Children Sleep Beautiful.


Chicken Licken Story
Show Details3min 40s
The Unhappy Big Fish
Show Details4min 35s
The Brave Little Blue Parrot Story
Show Details8min 14s
Happy Prince Story
Show Details11min 50s
The miller, His Son and Their Donkey
Show Details4min 23s
Peter Rabbit story
Show Details8min 44s
The Honest Woodcutter
Show Details9min 28s
Jack and the Beanstalk Story
Show Details8min
The Bremen Town Musicians
Show Details6min 8s
The Emperor's New Clothes
Show Details8min 48s
The Gingerbread Man
Show Details14min 20s
The Golden Touch of King Midas
Show Details3min 12s
Thumbelina Story
Show Details9min 29s
Tinderbox Story
Show Details11min 2s
Pandora’s Box Story
Show Details7min 42s
The Red Shoes Story
Show Details8min 8s
The Golden Goose
Show Details6min 39s
Nutcracker Story
Show Details11min 40s
The Ugly Duckling
Show Details6min 46s
Caterpillar story
Show Details3min 54s
The Three Wishes Story
Show Details4min 23s