Music.Art.Ppl is about encouraging artists to share and collaborate with each other. Providing a space where the artist's from different backgrounds can come together and create a special experience in a safe environment. Music.Art.Ppl's efforts are equally focused on curating a unique musical and visual experience. Programming each event with a diverse musical selection with elements of live art in its many forms.


Music.Art.Ppl E01 S3 | DJ Nikoli
Show Details57min 23s
Music.Art.Ppl E011 S2 | Brunch (DJ)
Show Details59min 54s
Music.Art.Ppl E010 S2 | Jovial Jon
Show Details59min 4s
Music.Art.Ppl E09 S2 | Ruth Grader
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E08 S2 | Just Madison
Show Details56min 46s
Music.Art.Ppl E06 S2 | JFUN
Show Details59min 20s
Music.Art.Ppl E05 S2 | DJ Nikoli
Show Details1hr 1min
Music.Art.Ppl E03 S2 | No Entropy
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E02 S2 | T-23
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E01 S2 | ysheso__
Show Details53min 41s
Music.Art.Ppl E018 S1 | Alain M.
Show Details1hr 1min
Music.Art.Ppl E017 S1
Show Details1hr 1min
Music.Art.Ppl E016 S1 | Pithra
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E015 S1 | JFUN
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E014 S1 | Michael Davidson
Show Details1hr 1min
Music.Art.Ppl E013 S1 | Gabriele Congedo
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E012 S1 | Dj Nikoli
Show Details57min 7s
Music.Art.Ppl E010 S1 | JFUN
Show Details58min 14s
Music.Art.Ppl E09 S1 | MELO-T
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E07 S1
Show Details1hr
Music.Art.Ppl E05 S1 | Just Madison
Show Details58min 43s
Music.Art.Ppl E04 S1 | Teddy Rockspin
Show Details58min 13s
Music.Art.Ppl E03 S1 | JFUN
Show Details1hr 13min
Music.Art.Ppl E02 S1 | Dj Nikoli
Show Details1hr 3min
Music.Art.Ppl E01 S1 | Pithra
Show Details2hr 3min