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40Central is a platform to shed light on positive influences in our communities. James & Justin from the Bronx began this podcast to combat the negative media coverage the Bronx was getting. They believe it's important for people to see benevolent examples of Bronx culture. Now their journey expands around NYC finding talent in all communities to showcase on their platform. Oh yeah and they like to have fun and talk smack with their friends!

If you or someone you know has a story to tell you can DM them @40Central on Instagram.


Episode 117 | Go Easy NYC
Show Details2hr 29min
Episode 116 | What You Here For?
Show Details2hr 53min
Episode 115 | I'm Home ft Dewane Mutunga
Show Details2hr 20min
Eh-Eh ft Young Gatez
Show Details3hr 48min
Do you trust the Government?
Show Details3hr 2min
Survival of the Fittest
Show Details2hr 15min
The Last Dance Recap
Show Details2hr 48min
Show Details2hr 17min
Covid 19 vs The People
Show Details1hr 40min