A League of Their Own – 1992’s Geena Davis vs 2022’s Amazon Prime Series

Episode 423
1h 11m | Sep 1, 2022
We're back, baby! After a long and much needed hiatus, we are all here and all ready to roll. For this return to the field, we're taking on the Rockford Peaches and 'A League of Their Own'. Will the brand new, 2022 Amazon Prime series be able to swing for the fences like the original 1992 film with Gena Davis and Tom Hanks? Only Abbi Jacobson and D'arcy Carden know for sure. There's no crying in baseball!Jimmy Dugan Put on your baseball cap, grab some peanuts and Cracker Jack and head on out to the stands. We're up at bat and ready to steal home! I'm getting mixed signals Join the guys this week as we discuss our return to recording, Pat's housing situation, Sir Mix-A-Lot and symphony orchestras, Jennette McCurdy and her career among other things!
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