Pinocchio! Disney’s 1940 version vs the 2022 Remake!

1h 11m | Sep 16, 2022
I'm a real boy! Not yet. Before you can reach your goal, you first have to watch the original 1940 '#Pinocchio' and the Tom Hanks re-telling from 2022. Only after this can you achieve your real-boyness. At least that's what the blue fairy told us. However, we think she may be just be wanting to sell us an extended car warranty. The "gross" Jiminy Cricket Light up your cigars and grab a monster glass of beer, as we're going full donkey on this episode. To be honest, this may be our best episode ever, about the greatest films ever made! (He means Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night!) Wait, what do you mean that my nose is growing? If you like the show don't forget to share it! You can find us on Blubrry, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, The Podcast Index and Fountain! If you don't have a podcast player, here's a list to choose from!
40 Going On 14