The Omen – 1976’s Gregory Peck vs 2006’s Liev Schreiber

1h 24m | Oct 23, 2022
We're back! It's time for 'OctoBoo III: The Omening'. We've summoned that little hellraiser, Damien, for this episode complete with hellhounds, flying nannies and Latin chanting! If you only check out one episode of '40 Going On 14' this year, make it this one. We promise its a scream. If not, heads are gonna roll. Join Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh, as well as Gregory Peck, Liev Schreiber and a legion of others as we talk about 'The Omen'! Hoo, boy does this film have some lore behind it, between lightning strikes, bird related airplane crashes, animal attacks and IRA bombings it's a thing that this even was released. If you'd like to leave us a voicemail to read on the air you can send it through Speakpipe here!
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