When A Stranger Calls: 1979 vs 2006

1h 15m | Oct 30, 2022
"Have you checked the children?" Just the phrase makes your eye twitch a little. In the days before Creepypasta, there were urban legends passed down by word of mouth. The guys at '40 Going On 14' remember the one this movie is based on, and it's a doozy. However, what nobody told us is that Charles Durning was going to be our hero. Or that 75% of the film adaptation would be the journey of a man in search of Colleen Dewhurst. Who knew? In 2006 they remade this little terrifying tale. Did they crank up the crank calling chaos or did they get a dial tone? Why is Roy from the office not more helpful? Why didn't Agent Coulson just call on S.H.I.E.L.D.? You'll have to face your fears and find out in this final fantastic free for all known as OctoBoo! Contact us at!
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40 Going On 14