Dirty Dancing, Which Johnny Castle Comes Out On Top? 1987 vs 2017

1h 14m | Sep 9, 2022
Once upon a time there was a corner. In that corner was Johnny Castle. Why was Johnny in that corner? Because nobody puts Baby Houseman there! That's right, we're dancing all dirty-like as we grab Patrick Swayze and Abigail Breslin and spin them around the floor like we just buffered it clean. While 'Dirty Dancing' may be a classic piece of nostalgia, the made for TV film may just be a piece of something else. Turn up that amazing soundtrack and pull out your authentic, autographed Jennifer Grey cardboard standup and let's dance like there's no tomorrow. This show may just be the reason that you've had the time of your life.... or it may be why you'll never look at Fred Armisen and Eleanor Bergstein the same way again. Join us and the other listeners at our Discord here! You can follow us at our home on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you'd like to join the guys in chatting about new remakes coming out, recipes for smoking meat, video games or even just cute pictures of kittens, click the Discord logo!
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