Three Ports in a Storm

Matt (GreenWolf) is joined by fellow SCP Foundation and Third Law collaborators TyGently, ch00bakka, and tawny for a weekly roleplaying campaign in the weirdest city in the multiverse.

Three Portlands is in crisis, and with the municipal government unable or unwilling to act, the task falls upon an unsanctioned paramilitary group funded by rogue Alderman Stephen McClure. Facing off against multinational corporations, organized crime, political cabals, labor cartels, religious cultists, and global conspiracies, this ragtag group of misfits and meddlers must try to save the Weird City, whether it likes it or not.


E4: No Clue, No Problem
Show Details1hr 16min
E3: The Portrait in the Attic
Show Details1hr 43min
E2: Plan C for Catapult
Show Details1hr 18min
E1: The Alderman's Army
Show Details2hr 7min