24: Pat's Historic Pay-Day

Season 1
1h 28m | Jul 11, 2020

With the NFL Season getting closer every day, the #3OT Crew discusses how Patrick Mahomes historic Pay-Day could influence the rest of the QB’s in the league as a market shift appears imminent. Plus, how will Cam do in New England? With the NBA Restart just a few weeks away, the guys break down the bottom seeds and speculate on their chances at making the final playoff spot in the Orlando bubble. Finally, SNE returns for shenanigans and a wildly rare baseball take you don’t want to miss. As always, be sure to check out New Episodes Every Saturday! This is #3OT. (00:41) Pat Mahomes Gets PAID! (19:51) Cam Newton: Is New England a “Lock” to win the Division? (41:57) NBA Bubble Talk: Who’s got the 8th Seed in their Sights? (59:46) SNE - "Something, Nothing or Everything" Follow us on IG, Twitter & Facebook @3OTPodcast.

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