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A podcast for Occultists about Occultists


S2 : E3 - Conversation with Lon Milo DuQuette
Show Details2hr 19min
S2 : E2 - Lights, Camera, Witchcraft with Heather Greene
Show Details1hr 35min
S2 : E1 - Magic in Paranormal Investigations with Bob Freeman, Eilfie Music, and Michelle Belanger
Show Details2hr 5min
S1 : E29 - Conversation with Erik Arneson
Hide Details2hr 35min

Erik and I talk about his experience's with magic, as well as esoteric freemasonry, Enochian Magic, cyber magic, the potential uses of virtual reality in ritual, and why cheese doesn't belong on potatoes.

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Music for intro and outro by Vindsvept used under license

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2hr 35min
Published Oct 18, 2021 at 4:00am
S1 : E28 - Conversation with Edward Reib, VH Frater BT
Show Details2hr 46min
S1 : E27 - Conversation with Storm Faerywolf
Show Details2hr 29min
S1 : E26 - Conversation with Eilife Music
Show Details4hr 17min
S1 : E25 - Conversation with Ben Stimpson
Show Details2hr 33min
S1 : E24 - Conversation with Laura Tempest Zakroff
Show Details2hr 28min
S1 : E23 - Conversation with Gail Nyoka
Show Details1hr 52min
S1 : E22 - Conversation with Jason Mankey
Show Details2hr 36min
S1 : E21 - Conversation with John Tenney
Show Details3hr 40min
S1 : E20 - Conversation with Marco Visconti
Show Details2hr 17min
S1 : E19 - Conversation with Alessandro
Show Details1hr 48min
S1 : E18 - Conversation with Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa
Show Details3hr 30min
S1 : E17 - Conversation with Georgina Rose
Show Details1hr 50min
S1 : E16 - Conversation with Thorn Mooney
Show Details1hr 57min
S1 : E15 - Conversation with Allison Awakened
Show Details3hr 45min
S1 : E14 - Conversation with Michelle Belanger pt. 2
Show Details2hr 33min
S1 : E13 - Conversation with Ailim Northstar
Show Details1hr 54min
S1 : E12 - Conversation with Evelyn
Show Details1hr 48min
S1 : E11 - Conversation with Wade Odinson
Show Details3hr 17min
S1 : E10 - Conversation with Matt
Show Details2hr 30min
S1 : E9 - Moina Mathers a Murderer?
Show Details26min 58s
S1 : E8 - Conversation with Brenndon
Show Details2hr 54min
S1 : E7 - The Great Battle of Bewitchment of the 1880s & 90s
Show Details12min 17s
S1 : E6 - Conversation with Cara Hamilton
Show Details2hr 14min
S1 : E5 - Conversation with Bob Freeman
Show Details3hr 10min
S1 : E4 - The Battle of Blythe Road
Show Details16min 47s
S1 : E3 - Conversation with Michelle Belanger pt. 1
Show Details1hr 51min
S1 : E2 - The Tale of Taliesin
Show Details21min 51s
S1 : E1 - Conversation with Frater R.C.
Show Details4hr 38min
Show Details37s