S1 : E28 - Conversation with Edward Reib, VH Frater BT

Season 1 | Episode 28
2h 45m | Oct 11, 2021

As I always manage to with guests, I got Frater BT to share never before told stories about his life leading up to joining, and inside of, one of the more infamous and notorious of the Golden Dawn Orders. Then, BT turns the tables on me and becomes the interviewer.

Edward Reib was born in Arcadia, California, in 1978. He began writing short stories and poetry at age 12, and never really stopped. He spent his years working for Screen Actors Guild, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity, and teaching Hermetic Kabbalah.

These days, Edward lives with his wife Priyal in Goa, India. A Yoga Teacher by trade, Edward has written numerous articles for blogs and periodicals, usually on subjects of religion and metaphysics. Thomas and The Wolf is his first published book.

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