Exploring the Use of Artificial Intelligence in EHS Compliance with ehsAI CEO Margery Moore

26m | Jan 12, 2022

In this episode, we are joined by ehsAI CEO Margery Moore. Margery discusses ehsAI’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform that is used to automate the process of reading environmental permits, regulations, and other similar documents and summarizing the requirements contained therein. We talk about the background of AI and its use in other industries and how ehsAI has brought AI into the EHS arena. We discuss the long standing and time-consuming task of processing lengthy permits and regulations that EHS personnel have dealt with in the past and how AI can streamline that process and make it more accurate. Finally, we explore the role that AI could have in EHS programs in the future. This topic fits with one of the themes of our podcast: practical advice on forward looking solutions and strategies that can make EHS programs more efficient and more accurate.

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