73. Jason Wallace on Cyril Lucaris's Protestant Confession (Part 2/2)

1h 44m | May 6, 2024

In this episode, Pastor Jason Wallace joins us to discuss his recent video Cyril Lucaris: Calvinist Patriarch/Orthodox Saint. Who was Cyril Lucaris, and what do we know about him? Was his Confession authentic, and does it indicate that he was Protestant? And what are the implications for Eastern Orthodox claims about the Christian faith, and their arguments against Protestantism? 

We also take the time to go through some highlights from Lucaris's Eastern Confession of the Christian Faith, largely inspired by his own reading of scripture - as well as his agreement with The Belgic Confession.


Cyril Lucaris: Calvinist Patriarch/Orthodox Saint 

The Failure of Eastern Orthodoxy 

Protestant Patriarch: The Life of Cyril Lucaris, 1572-1638 by George Hadjiantoniou 

 Eastern Confession of the Christian Faith

Disillusioned by Joshua Schooping

When Grace Comes HomeWhen Grace TransformsWhen Grace Comes Alive by Terry Johnson 

The Courage to Be Protestant by David Wells 

War Against the Idols by Carlos Eire 

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