67. The Creedal Imperative: Why Creeds? (Part 1/9)

1h 23m | Mar 25, 2024

In this series, Brendon and Skye are going through the book Crisis of Confidence by Carl Trueman – exploring some of the reasons why Christians have normally used creeds to guard the faith, and why Mormons have been anti-creedal since their founding. 

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Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, edited by Joseph Fielding Smith 

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“The Mormon Creed” by Orson Pratt 


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Wilford Woodruff: JD 24.236 

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“Apostasy and Restoration” by Dallin Oaks 

“The Things of Which I Know” ; “What Are People Asking About Us?” by Gordon Hinckley 

LDS Temple transcript: here and here 


The American Transcendentalists: Essential Writings, edited and with an introduction by Lawrence Buell 

The American Religion by Harold Bloom 

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“’No Creed to Circumscribe My Mind’: Joseph Smith, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Romantic Theology” by Jared Hickman 

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Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman 


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Crisis of Confidence: Reclaiming the Historic Faith in a Culture Consumed with Individualism and Identity by Carl Trueman 

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Institutes of the Christian Religion; Letter to Sadoleto by John Calvin 

The Story of Creeds and Confessions by Ryan Reeves and Donald Fairbairn 

Credo by Jeroslav Pelikan 

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