64. Jeffrey Holland: LDS Reject the Trinity and are "Christian", too (Part 1/2)

1h 28m | Mar 4, 2024

In this episode, Brendon and Skyler go through Jeffrey Holland’s October 2007 General Conference address titled “The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent”. This continues their analysis of the LDS treatment of the Biblical doctrine of the Trinity and the historic Christian creeds and confessions. 

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CORRECTION: Muslims actually say "peace be upon him" (alayhi al-salam) after the name of Jesus. The point is the apparent show of devotion to the person of Jesus - yet apart from the Bible that they see as corrupted. (e.g. here) Would an LDS definition of Christianity also include Islam?

NOTE: Joseph Fielding Smith defined the Godhead as “the supreme governing council in the heavens”. (Doctrines of Salvation 1:1

Also, notice how it is Joseph Smith – in the Book of Mormon - who confuses the persons of the Godhead; Smith would be a more apt target than the Trinitarian Creeds that, although they affirm One Being - do not confuse the persons of the Trinity. (see Mos. 15.2-4f; Morm. 9.12; Ether 3.14; 4.12; and JST Luke 10.22 - footnote b) 


“The Only True God and Jesus Christ Whom He Hath Sent” by Jeffrey Holland 

  • Notice even the "and" in the title of Holland's talk. So, is Jesus not the "only true God", then?
  • Also, Holland: here, and here 

Lectures on Faith ; JSH-1.19-20 ; BOM Title Page 

  • The Lectures on Faith (the doctrine of the D&C) literally has a Q&A at the end of Lecture 5: "Q: How many personages are there in the Godhead? A: Two: The Father and the Son"

History of Church 6:473-479 (also, here

The Articles of Faith by James Talmage 

A New Witness for the Articles of Faith by Bruce R. McConkie 

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder; “Strange Creeds of Christendom” by LeGrand Richards

Brigham Young: JD 1.49-51 

Franklin D. Richards: JD 26.300 

LDS Temple transcript: here and here 

Are Mormons Christian? By Stephen Robinson 


Harper’s Bible Dictionary edited by Paul J. Achtemeier 

Western Asceticism edited by Owen Chadwick 

An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins by Grant Palmer 

Mormonism: Shadow or Reality? By Sandra and Jerald Tanner 

An Earnest Plea to LDS (Jason Wallace) 

Conflict in the Quorum by Gary Bergera 

Watchman on the Tower: Ezra Taft Benson and the Making of the Mormon Right by Matthew L. Harris (also here; and notice the introduction here

“This Is My Doctrine”: The Development of Mormon Doctrine by Charles Harrell 


The Forgotten Trinity by James White; Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett 

The Trinity: An Introduction by Scott Swain; The Attributes of God: An Introduction by Gerald Bray; The Person of Christ: An Introduction by Stephen Wellum 

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Confessions by St. Augustine 

Father, Son, and Spirit in Romans 8: The Roman Reception of Paul’s Trinitarian Theology by Ron Fay 

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