G-Eazy on His New Album Freak Show and Getting B-Real of Cypress Hill's Blessing

Episode 950
21m | Jun 21, 2024

G-Eazy catches up with Kyle Meredith to talk about Freak Show, the new album that finds the Oakland rapper trying out new sounds and personas. Listen to the interview now.

The artist talks about relocating to New York, embodying the theme of a freak show for the new set of songs, and how, underneath it all, the album is really a story of self-acceptance. He also touches on gaining B-Real’s blessing to interpolate Cypress Hill, mixing rock sounds into his style of hip-hop and trap, and crate digging for samples.

Elsewhere, G-Eazy discusses dipping his tow into acting in projects like All Souls, as well as the massive vault of unreleased material he's built up.

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