Vykintas Jocys

Who am I ? - Jocys organization chairman, Financial Influencer - Youtuber. Free Mason. Lithuanian

My mission - helping people to achieve personal success & fulfillment by sharing my experience | Increasing awareness & ambition in order to make their dream - A Reality & Royalty . Enjoying the Process of Life Of Course :) 

How i accomplish that ? - I create Videos and Podcast in Business, Finance, Success Topics, I take you with me into my ventures, so we could both become successful !


Watch this Before Reselling on eBay (Avoid these mistakes) 📦
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Why you Should Finish Collage (as Entrepreneur) 👨‍🎓
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Mistake that DESTROYED my Course business 😱
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Watch this Before Summer Construction Job (FULL GUIDE)
Show Details49min 50s
Mistake that DESTROYED my Shopify Store
Show Details5min 38s
I switched to Revolut (Quit Swedbank)
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All Business Giants use QLA (M&A) to Grow
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How to Buy Business with No Money Down | QLA | Step by Step
Show Details37min 2s
What is Sellers Financing ? | QLA | Buying Business with No Money Down 
Show Details16min 50s
5 Problems with being an Employee | Nobody wants You to know these financial secrets ...
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My ILLEGAL engineered Business that made 20$ a day | CLOSED | Tor auto-click, ad-blog | HUGE MISTAKE
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5 Financial Goals to achieve before turning 20 (Gen Z money! ) 
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What I Learned from Reading 150 books on Money | ( Huge mistake !)
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Alternative News Sources 2020 | Unbiased News Sources you can Trust & Make your Decisions
Show Details17min 29s
How to create Informational Product | Step by Step and Sell It | Course, audiobook, e-book, software
Show Details19min 32s
How Alternative Social media Will Affect Economy in 2021 | Parler, Rumble, MeWe and Trump Election
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How to buy a Car with No Money Down | Make it Cash Flow | Step by Step | Car Side Hustle Ideas
Show Details3min 30s
Why you should Never Invest in Stock Market 2020 & Beyond | Do this instead !
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How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money down | Livable — Long term Lease | Cash flow with 0 money
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