Autopsy of a Horror Movie

Horror movie reviews, analyses, kill grades, and interviews with Shudder filmmakers. Breaking down interesting scenes, kills, characters, and the fears your favorite horror movies tap into. Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes! Follow on Twitter and Instagram @bruckerhorror. Cover art by Kat Best.


#9. Kill Grade: Scary Movie (2000) (with Shoot the Flick!)
Show Details1hr 4min
Bonus: Lightning Round Movie Review
Show Details22min 26s
#8. Horror Review: The Woman in Black (2012) (with Megan!)
Show Details1hr 4min
#7. Special Topics: Discussing the Opening Scenes for Each Scream Movie (with Adam & Dustin!)
Show Details1hr 21min
#6. Interview with Natasha Kermani, director of LUCKY (2020)
Show Details54min 28s
#5. Kill Grade: Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Show Details38min 31s
#4. Interview with Nora Unkel, writer & director of A Nightmare Wakes
Show Details57min 1s
#3. Horror Review: Host (2020) (with Aurelien!)
Show Details1hr 11min
#2. Kill Grade: Final Destination (2000)
Show Details28min 17s
#1. Horror Review: House on Haunted Hill (1999)
Show Details29min
#00. Introductions
Show Details13min 11s
Show Details1min 5s