Art Is...

The future of the art world is unknown. On Art Is… Isotta Page encourages other early-career creatives, art students and emerging artists to begin visualizing possible futures for the art industry. 

Season 1 investigates creative knowledge tools, explores emerging technologies and alternative business models that could change the landscape of contemporary art. Art Is... seeks to destigmatize storytelling and promote collective brainstorming in the creative industries. Join us for seven short format episodes designed to unite thought leaders and change makers.

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Creative Confidence
Show Details27min 54s
Art in the Virtual Space
Show Details32min 28s
Designing Your Art Practice with Intention
Show Details32min 38s
Artists Emerge from the Pandemic
Show Details25min 15s
...Creative Collaboration & Caput Mundi w/ Eleonora Tucci
Show Details7min 43s
...Business Models for Artists
Show Details18min 33s
...No Code, The Metaverse & Superblue
Show Details10min 36s
...R&D, Startup Thinking & more
Show Details13min 26s
...How I Built This
Show Details12min 50s
…Clubhouse & NFT’s
Show Details14min
...Iteration & Critique
Show Details8min 58s
...From here to there
Show Details10min 18s
Art Is...
Show Details2min 21s
Art Is... Explained
Show Details1min 17s