The LIFE Series Episode 7: A Real Estate State of Mind

Season 1 | Episode 7
1h 38m | Aug 19, 2022

Born and raised in GF

Started dating Carolyn in 2014 before starting real estate

Started in real estate in 2014

Won rookie of the year in 2014 out of all Grand Forks Area Agents

Bought first investment property in 2016

Started BJJ in summer of 2017

Got Married to Carolyn October of 2020

Got my purple belt in Nov of 2021

Carolyn and I are expecting our first baby to be born Dec 2022


Business and Career stuff

Won rookie of the year out of all GF Area agents 2014

Won top producer 2017 2019

Won presidents circle award through Berkshire Hathaway (top 5% in berkshire hathaway nationwide) 2019 2021

Bought first rental property at 22 years old


BJJ stuff

BJJ purple belt under Ken Greer

Been training about 5 years 5+ days a week the whole 5 years

Competed in 9 tournaments most recent tournament was in January first time competing at purple belt and advanced no gi. Got silver in the gi and Gold in advanced no gi.

Currently train 6-7 days a week (5 days a week at PMA and 1-2 days a week with 3 other PMA guys at a training partners house who has mats set up in garage)

Lift 3x per week in my basement home gym




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