The Beauty of Horror

“There’s no beauty here. Only death and decay”- I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

The Beauty of Horror is a podcast dedicated to exploring the unsettling beauty found in the horror genre. Each episode your host, Chandler Bullock, welcomes a different guest from the realm of horror to talk about a horror film they find beautiful…and why.


S2E07: Zoë Smith on Excision (2012)
Show Details2hr 2min
S2E06: Emma Wolfe on Mandy (2018)
Show Details1hr 1min
S2E05: GAB - Evil Dead (2013)
Show Details21min 41s
GAB: A Brief Explanation
Show Details6min 40s
S2E04: Greg Mucci on The Lords of Salem (2012)
Show Details2hr 13min
S2E03: Meagan Navarro on The Lure (2015)
Show Details1hr 37min
S2E02: Dani Bethea on Gojira (1954)
Show Details2hr 11min
S2E01: Joe Lipsett on Don't Look Now (1973)
Show Details1hr 58min
The Beauty of Horror S2 Teaser
Show Details1min 31s