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So Sorry For Your Loss: Not Your Average Grief Group

Not your average grief group! Humor and laughter encouraged, awkwardness accepted, and a hint of celebrity gossip to spice things up. Death is a strange topic, but it shouldn't be. This storytelling podcast about grief and loss, and the intriguing ways you grow from it, takes a look at how the conversation can go much deeper than just the societal band-aid of "so sorry for your loss." The host, Gianna DeMedio, shares stories of her own grief after losing her father suddenly at 27 and talks with guests about their encounters with death, grief, and loss.


Show Details2min 54s
Kristin Cavalleri: Back to Grief Beach
Show Details10min 11s
Pregnancy After Loss and Messages From Above
Show Details25min 43s
Legacy Episode: Cancer, the Universe, and a Review of the Book “Signs” by Laura Lynne Jackson with Jessica Hersh
Show Details42min 26s
Widowed at Age 30, Feeling Lonely, and Seeking Support on Grief With Candyce Ossefort-Russell
Show Details42min 44s
Finding Peace & Purpose After Loss: Reid Peterson on Founding the Grief Refuge App
Show Details43min 10s
Learning How to Stand Strong After Tragic Loss: Candice Bock Honors Her Son With New Business
Show Details15min 37s
Does Reality TV Keep It ‘Real’ on Death and Grief? Matt Marr on Funerals, the Loss of His Father and More
Show Details1hr 15min
So Many Decisions Around Death! Get Practical and Organized With Cianna Stewart
Show Details54min 13s
Updates on My Grief, the Boutique and Why We’re Over Edible Arrangements
Show Details23min 52s
Working Through Your Grief with the Co-Founder of Modern Loss, Rebecca Soffer
Show Details1hr 11min
The Power of Therapy for Processing Grief
Show Details30min 46s
The Unimaginable Grief of Child Loss with Jessica Roomberg
Show Details50min 44s
What Can We Learn from the Lives of Dead Celebrities?
Show Details1hr 8min
Answering Questions on Grief
Show Details35min 13s
How to Help Children Cope with Grief with Michele Benyo of Good Grief Parenting
Show Details56min 53s
Entering a Grief Season
Show Details29min 4s
Belonging and Community in Grief: Engaging More Deeply With Your Life with Becca Piastrelli
Show Details1hr 2min
Not Your Average Episode: Big Updates for the SSYFL Community
Show Details10min 18s
Creativity After Grief and Masculine Vulnerability
Show Details53min 48s
How Connecting to Astrology Can Help You Manage Your Grief
Show Details1hr 6min
Working through Pandemic Grief and Holding on to Yourself in a Life with Loss
Show Details35min 58s
Find Your Grief Tribe
Show Details41min 6s
How Shadow Work Can Help with Grief and Trauma
Show Details1hr 2min
How a Psychology Grad Student Deals with Her Own Grief
Show Details48min 41s
Grieving the Loss of a Career in the Pandemic
Show Details48min 55s
Internal Housekeeping: Breathwork and Meditation to Help Heal Grief
Show Details53min 13s
Secrets of a Spiritual Medium
Show Details43min 16s
The Grief of Unmet Expectations and the Surprise of Postpartum Depression
Show Details58min 7s
Everything Grief with the Ladies of Good Mourning Podcast
Show Details57min 23s
A Year in Review: Best Grief Quotes from This Season
Show Details14min 14s
Author Shawn Hitchins on the Queer Perspective of Grief and Losing the Loves of His Life
Show Details48min 51s
Embracing Death to Embrace Life: Lessons Learned from Grief and How to Honor a Loved One
Show Details50min 47s
Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time: Finding The Comedy in Grief with Chelsea London Lloyd
Show Details45min 40s
Courtney Veale from Bravo’s Below Deck on Coping with a Parent with Alzheimer’s Disease
Show Details42min 49s
It’s the Griefiest Time of the Year: Handling the Holidays
Show Details44min 19s
Tips to Organize your Life During Grief From Professional Organizers
Show Details43min 16s
Grief of the Week: Kardashians, Snoop Dogg, and Bereavement Policy
Show Details38min 36s
A Grief Coach Shares Three Cs to Help You Confront Your Grief
Show Details31min 15s
Tips for Surviving Infant Loss and Miscarriage
Show Details41min 39s
Grieving the Death of a Pet and How to Keep Your Senior Pet Comfortable with Dr. Lisa Lippman
Show Details38min 44s
BONUS Grief in Entertainment This Week: Mare of Easttown, Clickbait, Bravo's RHOSLC, Sarah Jessica Parker Honors Willie Garson
Show Details12min 26s
Jonathan Mark on the Afterlife and Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side
Show Details53min 35s
Grief Relief, Options for End of Life Care, and RHOA’s NeNe Leakes Loses her Husband
Show Details46min 37s
Fighting Grief with Gratitude and Overcoming Self Harm and Trichotillomania
Show Details42min 59s
Text Messages from My Dead Parent and Grief in HBO’s The White Lotus
Show Details16min 17s
Anger in Grief, Luke Bryan Speaks out on Losses, & Will Sex and the City Reboot Highlight Grief?
Show Details35min 57s
Death Runs In the Family: How to Talk about it and Plan for a Personalized Ceremony
Show Details48min 31s
Grief and Motherhood, Coping with Miscarriage, and the Loss of a Bachelor Nation Icon
Show Details1hr 5min
Grief and Masculinity
Show Details33min 33s
Life After Losing Both Parents Before 30
Show Details55min 11s
Grief in the Pandemic, on Bravo's Summer House, and at The Grammys
Show Details43min 58s
Hello Again!
Show Details6min 43s
Funeral, But Make It Fashion: Interview with Michelle Chikaonda
Show Details37min 27s
Why We All Feel the Loss of Kobe Bryant
Show Details14min 43s
Suicide, Grieving in Youth & How Writing Can Help: Interview with Jamie-Lee Josselyn
Show Details38min 2s
I Saw The Sign: Interview with Jessica Hersh
Show Details41min 50s
Saying Goodbye To Inanimate Objects
Show Details20min 5s
Planning a Wedding Through Grief: Interview with My Husband!
Show Details27min 31s
How My Father Almost Spoiled the Surprise of Engagement From Heaven
Show Details6min 41s
Intro to My Grief
Show Details3min 10s