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Becoming Iconic: The Masterclass

Welcome to Becoming Iconic: The Masterclass, led by the incredible Jen Szpigiel. This is a space for women creating legacy out of integrity. This is for the visionaries, the elevated leaders, the women who want to break the mold and shift the narrative in their businesses, relationships and homes.

Jen Szpigiel has created a multi-million dollar global iconic brand for life, business and leadership and she’s infusing years of wisdom and a lot of tough love into every moment of this masterclass. Join Jen to expand into your full potential as the most epic, vision centric leader for yourself and your future.


My Top 11 Life and Business Tips
Show Details19min 25s
Creating Experiences for Your Clients
Show Details32min 29s
Brand Diversity and Inclusion with Reema Rafay
Show Details53min 29s
Becoming a More Inclusive Leader
Show Details26min 3s
Setting Yourself Apart with Your Brand
Show Details22min 9s
How to Make Fear Your Homeboy with Judi Holler
Show Details42min 37s
Becoming an ARTiculate Entrepreneur
Show Details37min 39s
Stop Living in the Mundane: Step into Audacity
Show Details42min 43s
Expanding Time with Meditation with Rebecca Leonardes
Show Details35min 40s
The Three Ingredients to a Sustainable Business
Show Details23min 9s
My ‘Before & After’ of Living In Hustle Culture
Show Details49min 2s
Finding Gratitude in Grief with Dara Kurtz
Show Details42min 46s
Social Media Paradigm Shift
Show Details33min 23s
You are Worth the Investment
Show Details30min 55s
Rituals for Manifestation with Andrea Crowder
Show Details38min 47s
What I Learned + Gained From Losing My Social Media
Show Details40min 57s
Manifestation in Motion
Show Details34min 26s
You're Not too F$cking Old with Jen Marples
Show Details53min 53s
Impact over Income
Show Details32min 36s
Intuitive Wellness for Entrepreneurs
Show Details32min
10 Ways to Incorporate Generosity into Your Brand with Jenny Mitchell
Show Details44min 21s
The Rise of the Fempreneur
Show Details39min 53s
Feng Shui Your Office for Abundance with Amy Renning
Show Details37min 11s
Inviting and Pursuing Spirituality
Show Details33min 24s
Practices for Expansive Self-Love in 2022
Show Details42min 39s
Becoming Iconic - The Trailer
Show Details3min 22s
The 2022 Vision and Mission for Becoming Iconic
Show Details19min 48s
How to Live Generously in the Now
Show Details22min 46s
How I’m Rewriting the Paradigm for Leadership
Show Details46min 14s
The Different Programs that Coaches Offer
Show Details22min 43s
Holding Loving Relationships as a High Achiever with Sami Wunder
Show Details51min 56s
Bringing Luxury Into Your Brand
Show Details16min 52s
Faith It Until You Make It
Show Details27min 45s
Being a Woman is Your Superpower with Sarah Morden
Show Details42min 22s
Stop Selling to Pain Points
Show Details14min 38s
Soul Spark | Top Ten Lessons for the 1% Life
Show Details15min 26s
Curating the Perfect Bio with Melissa Mucci Pineda
Show Details40min 25s
Why Your Essence is the Secret to Abundance
Show Details44min 11s
Healing Through Intuitive Eating with Shannon Smith
Show Details52min 31s
Soul Spark | 5 Leadership Lessons Learned Through Hurt
Show Details25min 13s
Moving Into Pleasure with Kelli Tennant
Show Details46min 49s
Soul Spark | Stop Negotiating Your Goals
Show Details12min 29s
Building Courage and Confidence with Amy Klein
Show Details33min 58s
Proclaiming Your Faith with Jessica Shakir (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details47min 26s
The End of Religion with Bruxy Cavey (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details49min 14s
Two Hours a Day of Self Care with Paden Hughes (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details44min 49s
Wealth Embodiment with Tori Washington (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details54min 40s
Trauma & Entrepreneurship with Amy Van Slambrook (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details35min 17s
Human Design & Relationships with Paige Michelle (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details44min 53s
Leading Your Life with Tim Storey (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details39min 8s
Trusting Your Body & Creating Miracles with Jesika Garsch (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details42min 19s
The Reality of Human Trafficking with Markie Dell (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details37min 28s
You Don't Earn Money, You Create It with Allyson Byrd (Top Ten Charts)
Show Details51min 44s
Embodying Confidence with Christina Glickman
Show Details43min 45s
Soul Spark | You Are NOT Stuck!
Show Details10min 29s
Restrictive Dieting and Root Causes with Nadine Allaham
Show Details39min 27s
Soul Spark | When Did It Stop Being Enough?
Show Details11min 11s
Macro Nutrients & Flexible Dieting with Andy Baker
Show Details45min 59s
Soul Spark | Creating a Business Love Story
Show Details10min 4s
Networking with Clubhouse with Annabelle Bayhan
Show Details41min 12s
Story Time: You Are Special by Max Lucado
Show Details14min 18s
Pursuing Joy & Desired Feelings with Stephanie Johnston
Show Details38min 27s
Soul Spark: Teaching Kids Servant Leadership
Show Details12min
Part Two: The End of Religion with Bruxy Cavey
Show Details32min 39s
Soul Spark: Practicing Rest Daily
Show Details13min 46s
Part One: The End of Religion with Bruxy Cavey
Show Details22min 24s
Soul Spark | Recognizing God Winks
Show Details10min 1s
Proclaiming Your Faith with Jessica Shakir
Show Details49min 24s
Soul Spark | Anchoring In Faith
Show Details14min
2 Hours a Day of Self Care with Paden Hughes
Show Details46min 47s
Soul Spark | Getting Ahead of Your Day
Show Details12min 56s
Mind Healing and Hypnosis with Dana Shalit
Show Details46min 3s
What Personal Growth Isn't
Show Details15min 56s
What Are You Giving Your Loyalty To?
Show Details23min 5s
The Art of Cooking with Chef Kim
Show Details51min 45s
106. Creating Joy | Mompreneur Series
Show Details20min 50s
105. How To Set Boundaries | Mompreneur Series
Show Details20min 22s
104. Balance Doesn't Exist | Mompreneur Series
Show Details23min 13s
103. Avoiding Co-Dependency in Coaching
Show Details21min 52s
102. Wealth Embodiment with Tori Washington
Show Details52min 9s
101. A Soul Message to Women
Show Details15min 35s
100. Celebrating 100 Episodes
Show Details47min 56s
99. Five Steps to Scale to 7 Figures
Show Details30min 34s
98. Soul-Full-Sales
Show Details22min 40s
97. Creating Passive Income with Memberships with Lisa Johnson
Show Details41min 36s
96. The Art of Story Telling
Show Details21min 5s
95. How to Manifest Your Dreams
Show Details30min 10s
94. Speaking From Stage
Show Details44min 31s
93. Get Into Action with Micro Goals
Show Details16min 10s
92. Showing Up Authentically Online
Show Details17min 5s
91. Trauma and Entrepreneurship
Show Details38min 33s
90. Daily Affirmations
Show Details9min 34s
89. The Analogy that will Change Your Perspective
Show Details22min 39s
88. The Benefits of Sound Therapy with Monique Benabou
Show Details50min 5s
87. Change Your Health Habits
Show Details24min 25s
86. Forest Bathing
Show Details18min 9s
85. The Power of a Woman's Cycle with Berrion Berry
Show Details43min 56s
84. Owning Who You Are | The Masterclass
Show Details34min 41s
83. Forgive the Timeline | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details19min 20s
82. True Love and Surrogacy with Stuart and Francis | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details42min 38s
81. Money and Marriage with Kara and Mike Ayala | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details40min 4s
80. Pursuing Your Partner | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details14min 39s
79. Human Design in Relationships with Paige Michelle | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details51min 55s
78. Leading with Love with Kyla & Corey Erlandson | Love and Marriage Series
Show Details1hr 9min
77. 10 Ways of Creating Income Online
Show Details29min 45s
76. What Time and Financial Freedom Really Mean
Show Details21min 2s
75. How to Increase Visibility & Profitability in Your Business with Rebecca Cafiero
Show Details44min 50s
74. Building Belief in Your Product or Service
Show Details13min 40s
73. Building Belief in Your Industry
Show Details13min 46s
72. Video Strategy for Social Media with Katelyn Reding
Show Details31min 30s
71. Building Belief in Yourself
Show Details14min 17s
70. How to Pursue Goals Daily
Show Details13min 37s
69. Unplug and Eat the Cake
Show Details13min
68. Realizing Your Gifts with Shaby Dassi
Show Details50min 4s
67. Cultivating Forgiveness & Grace
Show Details15min 35s
66. Creating Joy Through Traditions
Show Details16min 39s
65. Leading Your Life with Tim Storey
Show Details39min 31s
64. How to be Generous this Season
Show Details16min 47s
63. How to Bring in More Money & Harmony
Show Details15min 49s
62. Using Food as Medicine with Dr. Lauren Powell
Show Details38min 38s
61. The Power of Thank you & No Thank You
Show Details19min 28s
60. How to Embrace Your Inner Rebel
Show Details18min 34s
59. Understanding Your Human Design with Allie Tymo
Show Details44min 13s
58. How to Use Your Leadership for Good
Show Details27min 55s
57. Normalizing 5 Figure Businesses
Show Details21min 38s
56. Learn How to Style Yourself with Confidence with The Wardrobe Files
Show Details47min 6s
55. Creating a Dream and Idea Journal
Show Details10min 49s
54. Becoming an Abundant & Successful Mompreneur
Show Details20min 44s
53. Dos and Do-Nots of Digital Marketing w Jemima Faye Goodall
Show Details32min 26s
52. How to Avoid Toxic Positivity
Show Details33min 21s
51: What to do if your partner doesn't support you
Show Details31min 7s
50. Trusting Your Body & Creating Miracles with Jesika Garsch
Show Details49min 25s
49. How to Change your Personal Growth Game
Show Details16min 40s
48. How and Why To Start a Podcast
Show Details24min 27s
47. When Nothing Is Certain, Anything is Possible w Jemima Faye Goodall
Show Details47min 35s
46. My Body's Breakdown - One Year Anniversary
Show Details21min 1s
45. The Before & After of Implementing Boundaries
Show Details13min 46s
44. Getting FITT with Lindsay Huelse
Show Details44min 39s
43. The Birth of Clarity Within My Brand
Show Details26min 36s
42. Setting Trends Isn't Easy
Show Details18min 7s
41. Chasing Joy with Angie Lee
Show Details59min 25s
40. Pandemic Questions to Ask Yourself | Part Two
Show Details20min 23s
39. Pandemic Questions to Ask Yourself | Part 1
Show Details30min 8s
38. How to Overcome Burnout with Mallory Rowan
Show Details1hr
37. Making a Pivot | Iconic Replay
Show Details31min 45s
36. Get Comfortable with Promoting Yourself | Iconic Replay
Show Details22min 31s
35. Go Out On The Skinny Branch with Cindy Duplantis
Show Details1hr 8min
34. Choose Discipline Over Consistency
Show Details13min 3s
33. How to Make Your Next Online Launch a Success
Show Details16min 16s
32. How to increase your revenue using LinkedIn with Dr. Melissa Henault
Show Details51min 1s
31. Why Show Jumping and Business Are Similar
Show Details17min 19s
30. Top 3 Tips for Work-From-Home Mamas
Show Details17min 14s
29. The Reality of Human Sex Trafficking with Markie Ethier
Show Details42min 14s
28. A Huge Opportunity for Online Entrepreneurs
Show Details9min 26s
27. How to Overcome your Inner Critic
Show Details22min 55s
26. Surpassing Expectations with Alyssa Cleland
Show Details44min 23s
25. Getting Out of the Victim Mentality Pit
Show Details23min
24. You Are NOT Alone with Gloria Haynes
Show Details39min 36s
23. But They Don't Support Me!
Show Details25min 28s
22. Money is Not Earned, It is Created with Allyson Byrd
Show Details48min 7s
21. Casting the WiFi Vision
Show Details22min 11s
20. It’s ALL About Connection with Dana Clark
Show Details41min 57s
19. Be Your Own Champion
Show Details16min 12s
18. ReRouting Back to Love with Kyla Erlandson
Show Details1hr 1min
17. Consider The Source
Show Details9min 29s
16. Building an Exceptional Marriage with Allison Villa
Show Details1hr 7min
15. Get Comfortable with Promoting Yourself
Show Details20min 12s
14. Follow Your Intuition Mama- with Laura Murphy
Show Details45min 24s
13. Personal Leadership
Show Details23min 58s
12. Owning Your Worth - with Susan Bursic
Show Details1hr 10min
11. From Survival to Thriving- with Joy Harrington
Show Details49min 45s
10. Preventing Burnout
Show Details17min 48s
9. You Can’t Be What You Can’t See - with Brianna K
Show Details51min 43s