Our Game Too

Asians in football. Celebrating the ones that are and discussing the ones that aren't.


09 A British Raj (Athwal)
Show Details1hr 13min
08 Sanjay Bhandari - Moving Beyond T-Shirts
Show Details50min 45s
07 Introducing 'Desi' and Yahyah's Degree in Football
Show Details1hr 16min
06 Final Frontiers and Doorsteps with Sanjiv Arora
Show Details44min 24s
05 Bradford; Qasim and the Community
Show Details33min 8s
04 Manisha's Extraordinary Journey
Show Details59min 57s
03 Professional Parents
Show Details40min 39s
02 The FA - Purview & Plans with Dal Darroch
Show Details29min 48s
01 Asians in Football. Why is this important?
Show Details33min 43s