Our Game Too

Asians in football. Celebrating the ones that are and discussing the ones that aren't.


19 Life Changing & Changing Lives
Show Details1hr 26min
18 Riaz Khan - Assimilation Not Integration
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17 Terry Singh Breaking Barriers
Show Details55min 33s
16 Anwar Uddin - Everyone's Welcome
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15 Anwar - Privileged Pressure
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14 Coach Ruudy #WeWorking
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13 Learning From The Past
Show Details2hr 9min
12 Not So Undercover (Asian) Agent
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11 Trishan Patel From Luton to Liverpool
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10 Dr Dan and The Asian Exclusion
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09 A British Raj (Athwal)
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08 Sanjay Bhandari - Moving Beyond T-Shirts
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07 Introducing 'Desi' and Yahyah's Degree in Football
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06 Final Frontiers and Doorsteps with Sanjiv Arora
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05 Bradford; Qasim and the Community
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04 Manisha's Extraordinary Journey
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03 Professional Parents
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02 The FA - Purview & Plans with Dal Darroch
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01 Asians in Football. Why is this important?
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