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Prince Of The North👑 (P.O.T.N👑) Podcast

A podcast created for people where listeners will hear experiences of the host and his guests on overcoming challenges and embracing the values of P.O.T.N👑. It aims to indirectly inspire people to better themselves and their lives by hearing the testimonies of people who have conquered difficult challenges in their lives and how they used that momentum to push on. The show serves to be a beacon of hope for all of you who need the inspiration to make breakthroughs and build an extraordinary resilience that will drive you on to achieve great things for yourselves in your lives.

Have a listen and Enjoy!!

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Buoyant Ben
Show Details48min 23s
Exceptional Gemma
Show Details1hr 40min
Talented Takura
Show Details46min 11s
Amazing Amir
Show Details58min 42s
Organised Andrew (Recorded October 2020)
Show Details1hr 15min
This Life by 3.T. (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details1hr 7min
Teachable Thabani
Show Details1hr 20min
IronMan Jourdan (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details1hr 30min
The Bishop (Recorded October 2020)
Show Details1hr 49min
Tenacious Thabo (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details2hr 8min
Dr Tommy Campbell Jr
Show Details53min 30s
THE CHiEF (Recorded October 2020)
Show Details1hr 20min
Just John (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details40min 6s
Great Gurneet (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details34min 8s
Grateful George (Recorded September 2020)
Show Details50min 25s
Resilient Robin
Show Details1hr 18min
Bold Bronzie
Show Details35min 16s
Dynamic Daniel
Show Details1hr 2min
Stupendous Shaygan
Show Details47min 4s
Compassionate Chloe
Show Details34min 7s
Ambitious Angelica
Show Details39min 44s
Proactive Pameer
Show Details21min 6s
Adaptable Alex
Show Details25min 26s
Mighty Mahesh
Show Details33min 50s
Humble Hazim
Show Details22min 6s
Creative Chris
Show Details51min 30s
Determined Diane
Show Details37min 16s
Fearless Frank
Show Details32min 16s
Joyous Joanna
Show Details31min 46s
Welcome to P.O.T.N👑
Show Details7min 58s