Burning Questions

Recorded from Chestnut Mountain Church, the Burning Questions Podcast is designed to answer questions submitted by students that they have been wondering about or longing for an answer to. The Burning Questions Podcast is hosted by Jared Cagle, a pastor at Chestnut Mountain Church, and features guests to help us answer students’ burning questions. If you have a burning question that you have been longing for an answer to, DM us on our Instagram @cmcstudents_.


Responding to Racism Today - Marquee Kelley
Show Details37min 50s
Loneliness - Sidney Reed & Sam Bowman
Show Details24min 39s
The Abortion Talk - Nita Cagle
Show Details40min 49s
Falling in Love With God's Word - Tane Shannon
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In this episode, we have Kaylan Cagle as our guest host as she welcomes her mom, Tane Shannon, to the podcast to answer our eighth burning question: “As a Christian, I know that I need to read my Bible more and study God’s Word. How do I fall in love with studying God’s Word and wanting to spend more time with Him?" To answer this question, Tane is able to speak from her own experience of learning how to continue to fall in love with reading God's Word even in the midst of tragedy. In Tane's words, "God's Word is His love story to us and for us." Listen to this full episode as we answer this burning question submitted by a student about learning to love to read the Bible.

31min 39s
Published Jan 17, 2020 at 7:20pm
Struggling With Depression - Sam Bowman
Show Details22min 38s
Being Friends With Unbelievers - Roundtable Discussion
Show Details28min 59s
Boundaries in Relationships - Jared Cagle
Show Details12min 30s
The Suicide War - Sam Bowman
Show Details20min 37s
Experiencing God in the Midst of Depression - Chris Gibbs
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Trusting Even When I Don't See God - Brandon Bridgefarmer
Show Details15min 46s
Through All The Pain - Kaylan Cagle
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