114: Carol Got Laid-Off

57m | Feb 15, 2023

Amid the frenzy of industry lay-offs, we here at the Working Code podcast were devastated to hear that our very own Carol Weiler has been affected by a down-turning real estate market. A few weeks ago, while attending a virtual All Hands meeting, her Slack account was suddenly locked, momentarily followed by her computer. It turns out that she, along with a majority of her engineers, were part of an unexpected reduction in force (RIF). On today's show, Carol graciously and courageously joins us to talk about her experience, the ensuing emotional roller coaster, and some of the fascinating steps that she's taken to help improve her outcome.

We love you Carol! You continue to inspire us - and our listeners - every week!

To help lighten the mood of the episode, we close out by playing Two Truths and a Lie. If you can guess who's lying about what, Tim might just send you some free podcast merch! Submit your guesses over on Google Forms.

Also, Adam finally finds a ToDo list that he loves; and - wait for it - it comes from Microsoft!

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