30 Years since

This is a “camp fire” style story, set in the very near future where an alien invasion has happened. Earth had lost the battle. After a short but bloody war, most of the human children were taken off world to be enslaved. All that were left alive on earth were either too old to go off world, too young to work as slaves or those in the resistance that were never rounded up and killed.

This Podcast contains graphic descriptions of butchery and murder hand in hand with strong and colourful language. This Podcast is defiantly not suitable for younger listeners.  


Series 3 Episode 3 - Old Friend
Show Details18min 49s
Series 3 Episode 2 - A Miscalculation
Show Details17min 23s
Series 3 Episode 1 - On Route
Show Details11min 13s
Series 2 Episode 10.5 End of Series Featurette
Show Details9min 41s
Series 2 Episode 10 - The Deal
Show Details12min 12s
Series 2 Episode 9 - Last Stand
Show Details14min 26s
Series 2 Episode 8 - The Rescue
Show Details14min 24s
Series 2 Episode 7 - Skirmish
Show Details16min 42s
Series 2 Episode 6 - Reunion
Show Details18min 41s
Series 2 Episode 5 - The Space Station
Show Details14min 34s
Series 2 Episode 4 - The Grey's
Show Details17min 43s
Series 2 Episode 3 Riding Shotgun
Show Details8min 57s
Series 2 Episode 2: Brutality
Show Details20min 16s
Series 2 Episode 1: On The Run
Show Details14min 2s
Series 1: Episode 10.5 - End of Series Featurette
Show Details6min 36s
Series 1: Episode 10 - The Hub and Beyond
Show Details20min 32s
Series 1: Episode 9 - Space and Beyond
Show Details13min 26s
Series 1: Episode 8 - Deep Trouble
Show Details9min 58s
Series 1: Episode 7: Overwhelmed
Show Details24min 41s
Series 1: Episode 6 - Origins
Show Details14min 30s
Series 1: Episode 5 - Escape
Show Details14min 25s
Series 1: Episode 4 – The Memorial
Show Details13min 35s
Series 1: Episode 3 - Detention
Show Details10min 22s
Series 1: Episode 2 – The man in black
Show Details13min 53s
Episode 1. – Arrival
Show Details14min 54s